People Are Now Challenging Celebrities That Are 31 Years Older Than They Are to Fight Because of Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise


Who exactly does Justin Bieber think he is?

I guess you can tell by the previous sentence that I am not a Belieber. Not by a long shot. Does he really think he can take the man who plays the roles of Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher, not to mention Steve Randle in The Outsiders?

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Come on, man…

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Bieber launched this message into the Twitterverse recently and of course, it blew up pretty quickly.

And, this being Twitter, people had to one-up Bieber and his proposed brawl by doing this (which is hilarious, by the way).

That’s right: challenge an actor 31 years your senior to a fight. To which Thomas Lennon quickly replied.

Then Tony Bennett got called out.

One guy admitted he wouldn’t be able to take a particular older fella.

This is probably not a very good idea.

And there were more…

Younger doesn’t always mean better in the fighting game.

But this guy might have to learn the hard way.

Bieber now claims he was kidding about the proposed bout with Mr. Cruise and even admits he would probably lose. It’s good to see this young man come to his senses.