People Are Posting Photos of Working Cats and They Are Glorious


In addition to knocking things off of tables and sleeping up to 20 hours a day, cats have jobs too, okay?

Want proof? I’ll give you proof. People have been posting photos of working cats on social media, so let’s give these felines the credit they deserve.

1. All the way from Iceland


2. That is great

My tow truck driver has a cat named Dixie with a matching safety vest.
byu/JustOnesAndZeros inpics

3. Don’t mess with him


4. Crimefighter

5. Cat Scan Assistant

byu/CamTheChest inhmmm

6. He’s in advertising

The best way to advertise your garage sale nearby
byu/GallowBoob inthisismylifenow

7. Don’t even think about it

Security guard
byu/cheezfang inCatswithjobs

8. Cockroach Management

Dedicated Cockroach Manager
byu/Good_Natured_Guy inCatswithjobs

9. Col. Mittens

Colonel Mittens at your service!
by inCatswithjobs

10. Security from up high

Store Security
byu/theminimalistpharaoh inCatswithjobs

11. Foreman

PsBattle: A cat wearing an orange hard hat
byu/tshiar inphotoshopbattles

12. Naturally

Hennessy is always my liquor store’s employee of the month
byu/thepawneeraccoon inCatswithjobs

13. Greeter

Local Ace has greeter pirate kitty named Ace— he loves grooming customers.
by inCatswithjobs

14. Therapy cat

Therapy cat on patrol in the nursing home
byu/Feebedel324 inCatswithjobs

15. Law enforcement

Oscar the police station cat.
byu/ding-wizzy inCatswithjobs

Now it’s time to get your kitty cats in line so they can start earning their keep!