10 People Share Their Biggest Annoyances

Photo Credit: Reddit, u//Hache42

Everyone has their quirks, especially when it comes to things that annoy them. If you’ve ever said “I’d rather have hot needles put into my eyes than deal with [INSERT ANNOYANCE],” then this is for you!

For instance, if you simply cannot stand the sound of people chewing, then take pleasure in knowing you are not alone…

10. Pass with caution and swiftness. Unbearably annoying.

9. Changing your password is a nightmare. Come on!

When you spend 30 mins guessing your passwords and decide to reset it and this happens
byu/GerardWayNoWay inmildlyinfuriating

8. When the pencil factory fails quality control. *eye roll*

Erasers like these
byu/ByTheWayGiveItAway inmildlyinfuriating

7. Shipping packaging went too far. Really??

Fuck drinking straws – this is the kind of plastic use we should be protesting.
by inmildlyinfuriating

On this note: Why does Amazon send you the largest box in the warehouse to package a tiny item like socks? So annoying!

6. Taking photos to match what you actually see. Moment ruined.

Happens to be every time
by inmemes

5. When your keys play a Chinese finger trap trick on you. WTH?

When your keys do the thing
by inmildlyinfuriating

4. The “great sheet escape”. Grrrr…

Every night like 2000 times a night, having to fix this.
byu/Cultic_Planet inmildlyinfuriating

3. Is superglue really necessary for packaging? Sheesh.

Every god damn time i try to peel open one of these
byu/pinguboii inmildlyinfuriating

2.  When your tape dispenser misbehaves. Ugh!

byu/Hache42 inmildlyinfuriating

1. Why, paper towels? WHY??

👏Every 👏 dang 👏 time
byu/JM-Rie inmildlyinfuriating

Hopefully, this list didn’t put your anxiety in a tizzy.