People Are Recreating Their Favorite Vacation Photos at Home With Stuff Around the House

Not being able to travel is the pits. Whatever the reason may be, it’s always fun to look back through old vacation photos and relive some of those great memories.

So guess what? Because people can’t travel right, they’re taking their creativity one step further by recreating some of their favorite vacation photos at home, using stuff (and people) they have around the house.

The results are actually incredibly creative and pretty hilarious to boot, if I do say so myself.

This one made us laugh out loud:

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Hopped on the #quarantinetravelerchallenge trend. Recreating a photo, quarantine style. #recreatedphoto

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I love the substitute for the snake! HA!

And look at this sweet smile:

Hmmm somehow the view just isn’t quite as nice here:

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#quarantinetravelchallenge #quarantinetravelerchallenge #quarantinetravel 😂 Rok temu byliśmy w @prague a dziś siedzimy na krakowskowskim balkonie🤪

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Wonder if she’s hot wearing all that gear?

Elephant? Cat? Who can really tell the difference anyway?

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#travelhomechallenge Merci pour le challenge, @mesptitsboutsdumonde 🤗 Avril 2018 🇹🇿 Vs Avril 2020 🇪🇸 Et merci à Mia pour sa participation 😋 #quedateencasa #stayhome #quarantine #quarantinetravelchallenge #miathecat #travelingfromthesofa #restezchezvous

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Really good use of household props here:

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So I took the quarantine travel challenge from @m.monni … Trakai 2018 vs Trakai 2020 Almost nothing changed 🏄🏼‍♀️ • • • #Karantinokelionės #Keliautojaskarantine #Quarantinetravelerchallenge #traditions #year #summer #spring #sup #lithuania #spain #memories #quarantine #cuarentena #challenge

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You can hardly tell the difference between these two photos:

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В сети распространяется новый челлендж: "воссоздай фото из путешествия дома". Как временная альтернатива туризму — довольно неплохо. ⠀ Но только временная☺! ⠀ #ervrussia

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He’s making the most of what he’s got to work with here:

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Japan has rules everywhere; rules on signs, rules on the street, rules on stairs, rules on the sidewalks, unwritten rules. The best part is that everybody follows the rules: traffic flows with nary a honk; the high-speed trains empty and board with an organization and efficiency that ensures a timetable punctual to the second; pedestrians are unburdened with whether or not they can make it across an intersection, as one simply waits for the pedestrian light to turn green, no matter how much or how little traffic. One of my favorite concepts we learned about is "meiwaku" — one's actions that others may find a nuisance –and the mindful avoidance of meiwaku. Conversing raucously in public, meiwaku. Stopping abruptly in heavy foot-traffic for no reason, meiwaku. Typing loudly on your laptop-keyboard disrupting the silence of the train, meiwaku (we actually saw a sign encouraging quiet train-typing). Allowing your flip-flops to echo their namesake as you descend the metro steps, definite meiwaku. Apartment-living lends itself to reflecting on meiwaku, and even more so when confined to it. I think meiwaku as I close the window to keep cigarette smoke from drifting in from the neighbors next door. Meiwaku as a tiny scooter revs its engine to the buzz of a hundred weedwackers. I think meiwaku as I hear 90s-rock blaring from down the block, eventually drowned out by the roaring sirens of firetrucks warning Lyon's near-empty streets of their approach, oblivious to rules of avoiding meiwaku (we actually witnessed firefighters calmly thanking traffic via megaphone in Osaka as they unhurriedly continued onto their destination). Meiwaku as the neighbors unnecessarily slam our shared door for the fourth time in a day (where are even they going during these confined times??) Meiwaku, I consider, as the smell of cigarette smoke wafts in from the other side of the apartment from neighbors on the other side. One evening our downstairs neighbor-kids asked if we had a treadmill, and we responded that we didn't, though we were pretty regular with our indoor exercising. We too, it seems, have not yet mastered the art of avoiding meiwaku. [cont. in comments]

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And this one really isn’t an impressive feat… by the emotion here gets us RIGHT in the feels.

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Įsisiautėjom su kolegom ir nebegalime sustoti. Iššūkis atkurk savo atostogų akimirką karantino sąlygomis. Dublis 2 #karantinokeliones #keliautojaskarantine #quarantinetravelerchallenge

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These are so clever! They definitely make us want to try this photo challenge at home, too. It’ll be hard to pick just one vacation photo, since we probably have some epic shots if we’ve any amount of traveling in the past few years.

Alright, now it’s your turns! What’s your favorite vacation destination? What makes that place so special? We’d love to hear from you!

Let us know in the comments, fam! Please and thank you!