14 People Share the Dumbest Thing Anyone Ever Said to Them

Image Credit: Twitter

I can actually remember the dumbest thing someone ever said out loud to me, and how it kind of stunned me into silence for a good thirty seconds.

There’s no way to respond to some comments, truly, that isn’t incredulous or flat-out rude.

Me? I just nodded and smiled.

These people have some pretty amazingly terrible stories of their own, and thankfully, someone thought to ask for them on Twitter.

Yay for us!

14. That’s not going to work out in her favor.

13. That’s not something you forget.

12. Just keep digging that hole deeper.

11. I need to hear the reasoning behind this.

10. I’m guessing this happens a lot.

9. I literally have no comment.

8. I would have struggled not to slap this person.

7. He picked the wrong lady.

6. It’s literally his name.

5. Well, that proves it then.

4. Why didn’t we think of that?

3. I promise her credentials are better than yours.

2. Yeahhhhhh that’s not how science works.

1. Pretty sure Canadians would take issue with this comment.

Mine was an actress – I complimented her on her ability to play two characters on a single show, saying that I could always tell which character she was playing when she came onscreen, even before she spoke.

Her reply, with a furrowed brow: “Do you mean right now?”

We were in an interview setting, soooooo. Yeah.

What’s your story? I know you have one!

Share whatever you got in the comments with us. Because we love you and that’s where we want to read your stuff.