11 People Share Their Best Messed Up Family Stories

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You think your family is nuts? Think again!

Someone posed this question to the Twitterverse and it exploded with insanity. And from an account named Aol.com, no less? Scandalous!

Here we go!

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Here’s what people were brave enough to share about their kin.

1. Okay… that’s actually genius, though.

The milk didn’t go bad, did it?

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2. Sibling love

You really did your brother dirty.

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3. Sounds kinda fun, right?

As long as she didn’t get hurt, though, right?

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4. Death by garage (almost)

On the head, off the head, on the head, off the head…

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5. I have to go now

Can you imagine a 4-year-old out there on the streets? Hahaha… kids.

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6. You stay here!

That’s a horrible sister you’ve got there.

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7. Wait… what?!?

Where were your parents? Jeezus.

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8. That’s a long time to keep a secret

Did you get your a** beat when she finally said something?

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9. No one cared

That’s gotta be a harsh realization.

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10. This is it

You little s**ts!!

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11. OMFG! That’s an amazing throw!

I’m not made at you at all. No way you thought you’d ever make that throw. That’s just amazing. I’m sure your sister didn’t like it, but bravo!

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So… those were some nutso stories, right? Craziness runs in families… always remember that.

What’s your craziest story about your family? Got a crazy story about another family?

Share those in the comments!