People Are Upset by Ryan Reynold’s Reaction to Spiderman Leaving the MCU


You’ve probably heard by now that a financial rift between Disney and Sony has caused Tom Holland’s Spiderman to exit the MCU – and as most people agree that this iteration of Spiderman is the best one, the internet is understandably upset.


And they’re also none too happy with Ryan Reynolds’ (Deadpool) reaction to the news – but only because he’s reiterated the grief tugging on everyone’s hearts.

Maybe people figured that, given that Reynolds was behind the campaign to get Deadpool movie made (he didn’t give up for over a decade!), he might be willing to step in and defend Tom Holland’s Spiderman with the same rigor.

Not so much. It seems like confirmation that there’s nothing to be done – or that none of the major MCU actors are going to break with the company line to rope him back in.