People Are Very Upset About The New Froot Loops Toucan Sam Redesign

Photo Credit: Twitter

If you grew up eating cereal, chances are you at least scoffed down a bowl of Froot Loops or two. Well, maybe in some cases that turned out to be a whole box.

While the delicious, sugary taste and delectable crunch surely make the first meal of the day magnificent, one of the signature parts about the legendary cereal is also its mascot: Toucan Sam.

In May, Kellogg’s released a redesigned version of the signature bird featuring a much different version than most cereal consumers were used to. Toucan Sam now features a light blue head, animated mouth with teeth, and a rainbow color gradient on his beak. That immediately sparked a ton of conversation on social media.

The cartoon bird may have got a refreshed look, but let’s just say Froot Loops enthusiasts aren’t too pleased, as one Twitter user expressed his outrage over the bird’s new appearance.

Clearly the new design didn’t impress Toucan Sam loyalists. After all, his new styling does seem better suited for an Anime cartoon series rather than a cereal box. Another Twitter user uploaded his own design but it didn’t exactly paint the iconic bird in his best light.

Kellogg’s controversial decision didn’t just result in a tweet or two from an unsatisfied customer.

It resulted in many!

Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

OMFG… what IS THAT?!?!

Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

Who could have imagined this sparking such controversy? Ultimately, though, no matter what side of the Toucan Sam redesign you’re on, at least Froot Loops still have their signature taste…for now.

What’s your take on the Toucan Sam design changes? Are you in favor of his new look? Or should Kellogg’s have stuck with his traditional design?

Weigh-in in the comments below!