People Are Laughing At These Photos Of Babies Getting X-Rays

Photo Credit: Twitter

Here’s something that has no business being as hilarious as it is: babies getting X-rays.

If you’ve never had a child that needed to get an X-ray before, it may never have occurred to you to wonder how that works. Turns out, babies have to go into this squeezy plastic tube that basically compresses their whole body, and yes it looks miserable for them, but also — I’m sorry — SO FUNNY.


These poor nuggets look so confused! Even the nurse in that one photo looks deeply amused!!

Okay, so is this REALLY necessary or is the world just trolling babies?

Well, it’s not absolutely necessary, but it is very helpful. The device forces babies to sit completely still during an X-ray so that providers can get an accurate image on the first attempt. That way, the babies are exposed to less radiation.

Plus, their parents get to take a photo to quietly giggle at on Twitter several years later. It’s a win-win situation.


The machine is called a “Pigg-O-Stat,” because the babies look like little piggies in a blanket! (Just kidding, that’s almost certainly not where the name comes from.)

Babies reportedly do not like the Pigg-O-Stat, though. I mean, look at their faces in the photos. They’re already plotting their revenge.

But don’t worry — health providers say that although babies usually hate the Pigg-O-Stat, the device does not hurt them one bit.