People Confess To The Warning Labels They Always Ignore

There are some labels in this life that we see but just can’t be bothered to follow. I mean, we only have so many hours in the day, right?

While I might be convinced to hang a few pieces of clothing to dry, there’s no way a busy mom is going to hit up the dry cleaner a few times a month.

That said, there are possibly some warning labels we should be heeding, even if we don’t really want to…but we’re not.

These 14 people are confessing which ones they ignore, and I bet if you read through this list, it will feel a bit like looking into a mirror.

14. You’re supposed to drink it plain?

Warning: Do not mix red bull with alcohol

13. Your IT department can’t stand you.

“Do not turn off your computer”

I mean during windows updates.

I’ve had to fix many computers when people do that.

12. Let me live my life.

“Do not consume raw cookie dough”

11. We’re all just checking the box.

In the same spirit – “check this box if you have read an accept the terms and conditions of the EULA”

“Please enter your date of birth to continue”

There is a lot of New Years 1900 babies out there.

10. We’re definitely trying that at home.

The warning that plays before raw or smackdown comes on.

I don’t think any kid actually listened to that growing up.

I remember we’d use to do Swanton bombs and RKO’s onto a pile of pillows, good ‘ole days

9. Do we use those mirrors at all?

Displayed in the side view mirror of cars:

“WARNING: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”

8. Our livers object.

“Warnings” on drug bottles. I get it. Everything is bad for the liver.

Just tell me how much I’m supposed to take and don’t make me figure out how to peel back the label without accidentally ripping the whole label off the bottle.

7. We’d hate to see it.

The warning on every trampoline ever that says to only allow one person on the trampoline at a time.

Part of my job is actually to write these types of warnings and precautions (I’m a technical writer – I don’t decide what the warnings are, lawyers do that, but once they know what warnings they want, I work with them to make sure it’s worded clearly and concisely).

Anyway, my company used to do trampolines, and my boss remarked on how he has never known anyone to follow that precaution, and that in fact, if you were ever to see a kid jumping by themselves on a trampoline, you’d probably think, “Oh how sad – that poor child has no friends!”

6. Please define “adult.”

Warning: use only under supervision of an adult.

5. This explains a lot.

“Do not operate heavy machinery” On any number of medications both over the counter and prescription.


4. I thought all exercise was good!

WARNING: Please consult your doctor before starting this or any other exercise program.

3. It’s a fake box.

The “are you 18” message before watching porn.

I put “no” once and they still took me to their website.

2. Some joke.

DO NOT REMOVE TAG that always come on new mattresses and pillows.

The tags have said “except by consumer” or some variant thereof for some time, since the 90s I think. The jokes are a cultural leftover from the original wording that misleadingly sounded like it applied to end users as well as to retailers and distributors.

1. Why do you think we’re here?

Warning: Explicit Content.

We might want to take those cancer and fire warnings more seriously, eh?

What other warning labels do you brush off? Which do you always take seriously? Tell us in the comments!