People Debate Whether Or Not It’s Cool To Discuss Salaries At Work

There’s been a push lately that’s related to a larger discussion around equal pay, and it suggests that there’s too much secrecy around how much people make for the same or similar jobs.

Until now, salary has been one of those things people are trained to keep to themselves, because it’s personal or they don’t want to upset the apple cart, but people online are debating whether or not that advice is outdated.

Check out the posts below and see where you fall!

9. That’s how you lose good people.

Why would she ever feel valued there?

8. This woman thought she got what she wanted.

But it turned out her employers were actually taking advantage of her inexperience.

7. That sounds so disheartening.

But she definitely wasn’t being valued there.

6. If there’s no difference in the work, there should be no difference in the pay.

Full stop.

5. Not sharing is holding us back.

And nobody should want that.

4. If we talk, they can’t get away with it.

Us peons need to stick together.

3. Of course they did.

I can’t believe people still care where you went to college.


2. The pay should be the pay.

Waiting for the potential employee to throw out a number is shady.

1. This is shameful.

And it seems like it happens way too often.

There are so many reasons to be more open, and not that many to keep quiet.

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