People Discuss Good Things That Have Happened to Them Because of the Pandemic

It may seem like a weird thing to ponder, but some people have used the worldwide health crisis and the shutdowns that we’ve been dealing with for the past six months to do some good and positive things.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, which is why this time has undoubtedly been awful for some people and good for others.

But if good things have come out the pandemic for you, what are they?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts…

1. Magical.

“I’m a single dad who went from traveling 250k miles per year for speaking gigs to all virtual overnight.

I’ve spent the last six months seeing my seven year old daughter every day, and it’s been nothing short of magical.”

2. New opportunities.

“I lost my job AND caught Covid 3 weeks apart but since then I’ve lost 20 pounds and I had time to study for and pass three different tests for new state level board certifications that I’ll hopefully be able to spin into a new career soon.”

3. Improvements.

“A lot of time with nothing to do but improve myself.

I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m cutting back on drinking, I’m sleeping better.

I’m running my first D&D campaign (remotely) and having a blast doing it, I started reading recreationally again, I’m learning how to cook all sorts of things I never tried before…

Overall, things are pretty good, considering.”

4. Doing well.

“Bought a house with record low mortgage interest rates, paid off a couple of my student loans sooner than expected thanks to the emergency forbearance, and started dating an incredible girl.

I sort of feel bad about how well things have been going for me while so many other people are losing everything.”

5. Remote work.

“It forced my company to do what I’ve been pushing for for years: work remote 100%.

I haven’t had to take any sick time for panic attacks that I had frequently in office and have saved up enough Paid Time Off that I can actually take a mini vacation next week and still have plenty in case something happens.”

6. More time.

“I have more time to eat and exercise and rest now.

I used to eat breakfast in the car on the way to the office. Now I eat at the kitchen table and take naps most afternoons whenever the urge strikes. I sometimes get a slight headache when I need a nap, and now I just go take one!

No more trying to look alert at 2 pm meetings or pretending to work for an hour while waiting for the sleepiness to wear off!”

7. Thankful.

“I hate saying it, because I know so many people are in a less fortunate position, but I’ve financially benefited from it.

Both myself and my wife have continued working, were both just under the cutoff for the full stimulus check, I’ve received a lot of OT, and we (sadly) had to cancel a couple of vacations this year but were able to get mostly full refunds.

That, coupled with less driving, going out to eat, etc – We’ve made out very well over the last 6 months. Very thankful for it.”

8. Making the best of it.

“This year my New Years resolution was, “I’m getting out this year!” I bought tickets for five concerts and a music festival. I had a trip planned for Austria and the Great Lakes.

Instead, I got two IT certifications, got a deck built, new driveway installed, cut down two trees, painted and repaired the walls of two rooms, installed a new vanity mirror, had a couple of outlets and a new security light installed on our garage, new cellar door put in, a new whole-house water filter, and will soon have a newly completed paver walkway and new gutters put on the house.

Along with the trips being canceled, my student loan payments were stopped and I’m saving about $160/month in gas, so it freed up a lot of money to put into my house so either I’ll have a comfortable place to live through all this, or I’ll be able to sell it for a bit more when everything collapses that much worse later down the road.

Now that summer’s wrapping up, I’m going to let the dust settle on the house repairs, get another IT certification, and throw some of the extra money toward the student loans.”

9. Shedding the pounds.

“It forced me to take my weight loss seriously.

The pandemic hit just after a one year bulking cycle (I’m a big weight lifter) and I was in denial over just how FAT I’d really gotten. I got strong as hell in 2019, but I put on a LOT of fat.

At the time I thought I needed to lose maybe 15 pounds and be good – and with access to heavy barbells at my lifting gym, I was too worried about losing strength to really commit to weight loss.

Once the gym was taken out of the equation, fat loss was the only fitness related goal I could pursuit. I resolved to lose 50 lbs instead of 15 lbs (yeah, I got that fat). I’m down 42 lbs so far.

Feels good, man.”

10. Love connection.

“Met this guy on Bumble 10 days before our country went into lockdown.

Spent 3 months just talking. He was the first person I met when we were finally allowed to meet on terraces.

Been dating almost 3 months now.”

11. That’s good.

“I’ve been drug free for 6 months now.

It started because I couldn’t get any, now I just don’t want any.

Thank you, Covid!”

12. Congrats!

“After six years of trying for a child and multiple miscarriages I’m finally pregnant and going on week 20.

All it took was me being able to stop being so busy I guess, I realize going full time at school to be a chemist and hosting art shows in my city made me really stressed and I was barely home.

My husband and I have been getting along so well, it feels like a new beginning in this sh*tty plague time but we’ve come together and realized what great friends we really are and how much we love one another.”

13. A big step.

“My job suddenly decided to embrace technology.

For years we were told that working from home was impossible because of the red tape involved with getting people devices and the ability to access work databases was cumbersome.

Within 3 weeks of the pandemic, not only was this possible, employees were encouraged to work from home.”

14. Work life balance.

“Before this pandemic happened I was busting my *ss between two jobs, putting in like 60 hours a week. I lost my side hustle in a restaurant and my office job switched to 100 percent remote for the time being.

The loss of income sucked, the lack of a social life was depressing, the chance of catching a life ending virus was fear inducing.

Buutttttt. Never have I ever had so much work life balance. No commuting. No putting on Uncomfortable clothes and doing hair and makeup to look “professional”. No more packing a terrible lunch and sometimes dinner every day.

I get more sleep. I can get more done around the house while I’m working. My dogs are having the best year of their lives with all the cuddles and walks. I’ve lost 20 lbs because I have more time to excessive and make healthy food.

This year has brought both good and bad.”

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