People Discuss Movies They Think Suck That Everyone Seems to Love

I’m gonna get in trouble for this, but that movie The Wolf of Wall Street?


And, for the record, I’m a HUGE Martin Scorsese fan and I love a lot of his films.

But that one…I just couldn’t stand it.

There, I said it!

What movie do you think sucks that other people seem to love?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say!

1. Most of ’em.

“Most Marvel movies.

I loved the superhero movies when they started, but it’s been so beyond milked at this point its just exhausting trying to keep up with who/what/everything is.”

2. No reaction.

“La La Land.

I use this movie as an example of my least favorite kind of movie: one that leaves me with no reaction.

A week after watching it, I couldn’t remember any of the songs. I couldn’t tell you what it’s about. It really seems like a celebration of style over substance.

At least when I walk away from a movie disliking it, the movie still made an impression. I’d rather dislike a movie for a good reason than feel completely unaffected by it.”

3. Get me out of here!

“Saving Mr. Banks.

My mom and her friends loved the movie.

I’m pretty sure my soul tried to escape my body for the duration of that movie.”

4. Interesting…


The cheese factor is too high. Like not even smelly cheese good, like a half pound of semi-melted Kraft slices bad.

Hot take, Deep Impact was the superior asteroid doomsday flick.”

5. Can’t believe it.

“The Jurassic World movies are so poorly written that I can’t believe they exist.

Those scripts never should have made it past being used for a children’s cartoon.”

6. Horrible…

“50 Shades of Gray.

Horribly written story about a psychological stalker and absolute psycho but it’s okay cuz mild BDSM. and he’s good looking.

Oh and don’t forget he’s rich…”

7. Stalker alert.

“Sleepless In Seattle.

It’s a movie about a stalker.

A few different cuts in the editing room, redo the score, and it’s a straight up thriller.”

8. A hot take.

“This is going to be controversial but…. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

And NO I’m not saying that just because if the ra**st landlord. Even if you ignored that completely the movie is about a woman who apparently gets sugar daddies to pay for her stuff?

And then another guy who also has a sugar mama comes along and they bond because they both have no careers and sleep with people for money?”

9. From Martin Scorsese.

“The Wolf of Wall Street.

It’s a story about how awful a person he was and how that blew up and affected others.

People left thinking that guy is cool.”

10. They keep on coming.

“The Madea movies.

I’ve tried and I just don’t understand how Tyler Perry keeps making these terrible movies.”

11. What’s the big deal?

“I definitely don’t understand the big deal about The Notebook.

I personally prefer A Walk to Remember a lot more.”

12. Mediocre.

“I thought the Shape of Water was totally mediocre.

I was shocked when it won Best Picture.”

13. Too many plot holes.

“A Quiet Place.

The movie had so many plot holes but everyone seemed to really like it.”

14. Hot mess.

“Endgame was a confused hot mess.

Which is weird, since Infinity War was pretty great and it was the same team.”

15. Not feeling it.

“I know I’m gonna get some h**e but I throughly couldn’t get into the Home Alone series.

Even as a child I didn’t understand how his parents kept forgetting him everywhere and why people kept trying to rob/attack him.”

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