People Discuss Myths About Men That Are 100% False

Let’s get real: there are a lot of myths about men AND women floating around out there that aren’t true.

But today we’re gonna focus on the guys…

Y’all ready for this?

What myths about men are 100% false?

AskReddit users opened up and shared their thoughts.

1. False!

“That we can’t multi-task.

I typed this while pushing the toaster down.”

2. Not my fault!

“That we get e**ctions on purpose.

90% of the time we dont mean to and we have almost no control over it.”

3. A mixed bag.

“That height or feet size correspond with d**k size.

Sorry friends, everything is a mixed bag.

Being pleasantly surprised is the key.”

4. Thanks a lot…

“My crush’s dad likes to tell her that all I think about is s** and food and I only want to date for s**.

It feels like he’s trying to get her to pull away from me

I want someone to cuddle and love I don’t care about the s**.

It’s nice but I’d rather have a healthy relationship with a girl I love.”

5. Body issues.

“That men don’t have body-image issues.

Every man I know, from middle school to middle age, has issues with their body. Maybe he’s convinced he’s not tall enough. Maybe it’s his weight. Maybe he thinks his d**k is too small. Maybe he h**es his body hair.

Yet, for some reason, society at large seems to think that men who are worried about some aspect of their body are either 1) nonexistent or 2) whiny little b**ches.

Body image and insecurity is not solely the purview of women. To make it worse, there are so many wonderful movements to help women move past their insecurities. We have ad campaigns like Dove’s “True Beauty” campaign, which showed off women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors.

Men, on the other hand, are quite often told by other men that we need to shut the f**k up. I don’t see the same support by men for men that I see by women for women.”

6. Gross.

“That we share s** stories with each other.

My friends and I have never gone beyond confirming that the act took place.

In my experience, women are more likely to drastically over share private information.”

7. Not all men…

“That we’re all s**ually monolithic.

I’ve had women try things with me during s**, where I said “don’t do that, I don’t like it,” only to have her respond “what do you mean? All men like that.”

“But I don’t like it.”

Her, blankly staring, “but ALL men like it…””

8. All kinds of emotions.

“That we’re all emotionless or emotionally inaccessible.

Also that we don’t cry to express suffering.”

9. Super spreader.

“That we have our legs spread apart to show dominance or something.

Listen, if you had your entire reproductive system hanging outside of your body in a sack of skin between your legs, would you like that to be squished by smashing your legs together?


10. How long has it been?

“That men think about s** once every 7 seconds

How would we get anything done?”

11. Hurt feelings.

“”No I’m not going to hurt this child im talking to, im giving them a few spare dollars trying to be nice”.

I’ve had to say this more than once,.

Big dudes can talk to kids without trying to kidnap them. Kinda hurts my feelings.”

12. No time for that.

“Men think about s** every six seconds.

Think about the sheer logistics of it. Ten times a minute. 600 times an hour. 9,600 times a waking day.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

13. A lover…

“That we all like to fight… f**k that.

I’m 35 y/o and I’ve never thrown a punch.”

14. In the mood?

“We don’t always want to have s**. Not being in the mood isn’t reserved for women.

And we don’t enjoy s**ual harassment either.

I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen women exhibit the exact behavior they tell us is unforgivable.”

15. Oops!

“That b**ers are 100% voluntary.

The simplest thing can happen and boom it’s straighter than railroad tracks.”

16. Just you.

“We’re not all talking to multiple women at once or that we have side b**ches

Nothing infuriates me more than being accused of cheating or lying when I have a. Never done it and b. Never given you a reason to react that way

I will gladly cut off all contact with a woman who accuses me of being a womanizer or being jealous when I’ve given her no reason to.

I have no patience for that s**t. I’m not gonna spend time getting you to not be upset with me when I didn’t do anything wrong.

Oh you’re mad cause I went out with my coworkers and 1/5 of them are women? Sucks for you.”

17. Nope.

“That we tell the homies in detail our s**ual escapades. Most women assume we do so.

They tell their gilfriends all about our di**s.

Well ,just so yall ladies know we don’t tell the homies bout ur t**s, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.”

18. Complicated.

“Female friends often times say that peeing is easier as men.

Let me introduce to you the Split Stream.

Shoots twice as much, one aiming at Narnia the other towards Neverland.”

19. Secret meetings.

“That we don’t actually care about sports we just use those days to meet in secret with the boys to plan what the patriarchy will do next.”

20. No dummies.

“That we’re dumb.

I feel like a lot of pop culture and mostly a lot of ladies out there goof on us like we’re a bunch of clueless oblivious oafs but we’re as varied as our opposite gender in regards to intelligence, I’d say.”

21. It takes all kinds.

“That we only like big b**bs.

It’s not true. Plenty of us like and even prefer small ones. Personally, I think the smaller the b**bs, the better.

Some men take this too far and proclaim that we like all b**bs and that the only prerequisite for us liking them is being able to see or touch them.

That’s not true either. We do all have our different tastes. Different men like different b**bs.”

22. A myth.

“That men want to work and stay outside all day and not take care of the kids.

Sorry to say but if you can make as much money or more than me than by all means go ahead and I will care for the kids.”

23. They do exist.

“That for men, body and eating issues don’t exist.

I have underweight friends who only recently started opening up about how much they dislike seeing their ribs easily and I have always been pretty open about how I wish it was easy to just lose 30lbs or stop binge eating fast food.

I’ve got friends who have had genuine nervous breakdowns over their persistent acne and friends with pretty gnarly stretch marks or excessive body hair who h**e that it isn’t socially acceptable to shave their legs, back, or arms.

I grew up in a rural area so I’ve also seen plenty of people who actively bullied kids/teens over stuff that have little control over and call them “queers” when they eventually try to do something about it.”

24. We all care.

““Good men don’t care about appearance.”

We all care about appearance.

All of us. The good ones and the bad ones. We all want beautiful women.”

25. Just bored…

“We are always h**ny.

This is false.

We are USUALLY willing to s**, but that doesn’t mean we are h**ny.

Sometimes it just means we are bored.”

26. Gentle giants.

“That intimidating looking guys like myself (tall and bulky, not over weight necessarily) are the brutes of society. In reality, a majority of us in my experience are actually very nice.

The strongest and tallest guy I know (6″6 250ish) couldn’t hurt a fly and is always scared of intimidating people. We grow being the intimidating guy in the room, it’s not fun, and it makes you hesitant to socialize because people might be scared to be friendly with you.

Being black didn’t help. My good friend even admitted in college he scared to joke around me because he didn’t want to get me offended/upset. Also, talking to women is a bit harder at times as well. Ladies, we are aware.”

27. Not all that common.

“Locker room talk. I have never experienced being in a group of guys talking graphically about their s** lives or their partners’ bodies.

At most you get a comment about how hot someone is, but definitely nothing nearly as explicit or graphic as I think most women have been led to believe (or, frankly, as graphic as I’ve heard my female friends discussing their s** lives or boyfriends bodies).”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

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