People Discuss Myths That a Lot of Folks Still Believe Are True

The world is flat. Climate change is a hoax.

These are all examples of myths that are not true that people believed (and some still believe) for years and years.

We live in a superstitious world where people cling to their beliefs and ideas, no matter what kind of evidence is presented to them.

Let’s see what myths folks on AskReddit still think a lot of people out there believe are true.

1. Eat up!

“Carrots being good for your eyes.

It was a myth created in WWII by the Allies to explain how their pilots got so good at shooting down enemy planes all of a sudden.

The real reason was radar technology.”

2. False!

“That Lucky Strike is named such because it used to be that one cigarette in every 20 packs is a joint.

And if you found that joint, you were the lucky one.

In reality, the name comes from striking it lucky as a gold prospector. This joint claim has been disproved.”

3. That’s a tough one.

“The myth that if you work your *ss off during your college days, its gonna be smooth sailing in your adult years.


4. These people…

“That masks are ineffective.

Masks are incredibly effective, for both the wearer and those around them. Mask fibers are woven close enough to block the droplets that carry the coronavirus.

People say it’s like using a chain link fence to stop a fly, but it’s more like using a chain link fence to stop a fly that’s hitching a ride on a baseball. It reduces transmission drastically. It is proven science. I mean, for god’s sake, no one questions surgeons and nurses who wears them.

They do not block your breathing. And yes, they trap your coronavirus particles, but if they’re trapping your coronavirus particles then you already have coronavirus. It won’t make you more sick.

Masks are simple, easy. Put it over you face, and you’re doing your part to bring an end to this pandemic. All you people out there who are refusing for “my freedumbz” are making this thing last longer than it should and kill more people than it should.

You want things to go back to normal? You want the economy to come back? You want business to stop shutting down? You want children to actually go to school in person? THEN WEAR A MASK.”

5. Trippy!

“That LSD, Psilocybin and Cannabis are drugs that are highly addictive and have no medicinal value.

The literal reason for them being schedule 1 drugs and considered extremely criminal.

Its all bullsh*t and not true at all, Nixon made this up to harass and arrest his political opposition in the antiwar left and pro-rights blacks. They even admitted doing this and knowing well that the war on drugs would neither work nor had any sound reasoning behind it, yet 5 decades later we still kill thousands worldwide every year because of Nixon.

Most of the myths in reddit pages like this are silly or benign, while this myth is among the most deadly misconceptions that is only recently being very slowly reversed in younger generations.”

6. Oh, boy…

“The Earth is flat.

I went on a date with a guy that believed this. I laughed because I thought he was joking. He was not.

It was our only date.”

7. The old days.

“That cars were built better back in the day.

No, they weren’t.

Those old cars barely made it to 100k miles before sh*tting out.

Cars these days can go on for 500k+ miles if you do preventive maintenance on them throughout the years.”

8. Don’t wait!

“That you have to wait 24 hours before you can report a missing person.

If someone is missing, go get help!”

9. The numbers.

“10% of people are gay. This is taken from the Kinsey reports, and out of thousands of statistics, 10% appears only once.

It’s actually much more accurate to say (according to Kinsey) 4% are gay, 50% are straight, and 46-48% are somewhere on the bis*xual spectrum.”

10. Nope.

“That tax cuts for the rich result in job creation and a wealthier middle class.”

11. Old George.

“The myth that George Washington’s false teeth were made of wood should be put to rest.

The teeth in the contraption that he wore at times were teeth of different animals like elk, for one. The teeth were held in with wooden pegs.

Hence the myth.”

12. Gross.

“Margarine is healthier than butter.

It’s not, not even close it causes heart disease faster and your body doesn’t even recognize it as food.

Flies won’t even touch it.”

13. All kinds of stuff!

“Lightning round:

That Galileo was the first person to come up with a heliocentric model.

That Copernicus was the first person to come up with a heliocentric model.

That everyone believed the world was flat until Columbus.

That Columbus’ ships were named Niña, Pinta and Santa María.

That Columbus was the first European to discover America.

That tetanus is caused by rusty metal.

That Napoleon was comically short.

That the Great Wall of China is ‘the only manmade structure visible from space’.

That there is a rule in English that you aren’t supposed to boldly split infinitives.

That there is a rule in English that says ‘I before E except after C’.

That pot is a “gateway drug”.

That Einstein flunked math as a child.

That Mrs. O’Leary’s cow started the Great Chicago Fire.”

14. History lesson.

“The European “Dark Ages”

People seem to love the idea that, between the fall of Rome and, like, DaVinci or something, everyone in Europe was just blowing spit bubbles and looking at the funny pictures in the Bible.

Not only was there not a complete absence of classical learning in Europe during the dark ages, but throughout the dark ages and mediaeval period, there actually was a fair amount of progress in fields like architecture, engineering, metallurgy, philosophy, theology and yes, even science.

But then again, I suppose it all ties back to the notion that people in the past were somehow far stupider than we are.”

Now it’s your turn.

In the comments, share some more myths that are still widely believed to be true.

We can’t wait to hear from you!