People Discuss the Most Cowardly Things That a Person Can Do

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Not everyone can be brave in fight-or-flight situations and not everyone can be a hero, but I suppose that there’s a middle ground when it comes to what can truly be considered “cowardly”.

With that being said, there are some things that I think pretty much everyone can agree on would definitely be classified as the act of a coward.

Care to see what we’re talking about?

People on AskReddit shared what they believe to be the most cowardly things that someone can do.

1. We all make mistakes.

“Refusing to acknowledge that you made a mistake and making excuses instead of being better.

We’re human. We’re flawed – all of us.”

2. Unacceptable.

“Put a child (especially their own) in danger to protect themselves.

My uncle was a massive drug addict when my brother and I were small children. He came to our home and stole some things.

He wouldn’t leave and my mom pulled a gun on him. My uncle snatched up my older brother and puts him between my mom with the gun and himself.”

3. Over the line.

“When you accuse someone of a crime they didn’t commit to ruin their reputation/get them into trouble.”

4. You see it all the time.

“Push the blame onto others when it’s clearly your own fault.

I had a coworker recently who did this. Has no idea how to do his job, constantly screwed up, and constantly tried to hide those screwups until somebody else got blamed for them so he could weasel his way out of the situation.

Worst instance was where the person who got blamed was being chastised and he decided to scold said person himself.

Best instance was when someone called him out and left him blabbering.”

5. Awful.

“Steal from an elderly person.

Im a nurse, and my first job was at an elderly transitional care unit (basically like a rehabilitation unit for anyone 65 and older, lots of post knee or hip surgeries, post stroke, heart conditions, etc).

I remember during my orientation week we spent basically an entire day devoted to vulnerable adult abuse, how to spot it, and how to report it.

This includes physical abuse, but the one seen most often in elderly patients is their children stealing from them or manipulating them to their benefit.

Just awful.”

6. Manipulation.

“Use people’s weaknesses to manipulate them.

I lose respect for such people in an instant.”

7. Cheaters.

“Cheat on their partner.

Falling out of love, wanting out of the relationship is fine, it happens.

But cheating is one of the lowest things someone can do that’s legal in my opinion.”

8. Better off without him.

“A coworker of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband left her because “he couldn’t deal with the stress”.

She beat cancer on her own and is much better off without that cowardly man.”

9. Unforgivable.

“Abandon their child.

Everyone wants to play with the baby making machine and then act surprised when a baby pops out. That’s fine though, man, not your problem, Plus that girl is a psycho anyway.

Just make an excuse for a fight a few times a week and then when you leave you can tell yourself it’s for the best.

I have a brother in law who started out like this then encouraged her to move back to her home state and when the kid comes up once a year to visit his grandma, the dude doesn’t even come around.

I want to strangle him. That’s a human life he is stealing potential from for his own selfishness and cowardice.”

10. The worst.

“Being a bully, especially if you hold authority over people.

Most of them will never have the guts to bully someone who can fight back and those who do only have those guts because they’re too stupid and narcissistic to account for getting their teeth kicked in.”

11. That’s really bad.

“People who want somebody that’s in a relationship, so they spread lies to ruin the relationship, and then swoop in to comfort/date the person they wanted now that they’re single.”

12. Ghosted.

“Ghosting the person they’re dating as a way of breaking up with them.

This goes for men, women, and everybody in between. If you don’t like someone, or if you just don’t see yourself continuing a relationship even after a single date, you can take five minutes to call them or at least throw them a text.

Ignoring them will make them feel a hundred times worse than being upfront.”

13. Horrible.

“Getting their dog euthanized, not because the dog actually has any health issues, but because the owner simply does not feel like taking care of them anymore and is too afraid and lazy to care for another living thing besides themselves.”

14. George Costanza?

“Bowling over women and children while fleeing a child’s birthday party after seeing a little smoke and thinking it’s a fire.

Don’t do that.”

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