People Discuss Things That Are Seen as Cool, but Are Actually Pretty Cringe

A lot of things out there that are portrayed as cool…really aren’t that cool.

I’m sure to burst your bubble, but it’s the truth!

Folks on AskReddit talked about things they think are stupid that a lot of people think are cool.

Let’s see what they had to say about this.

1. Look where that got them.

“Bad grades.

When I was in school, the bullies bragged about failing tests.”

2. Dumb and proud.

“Willful ignorance.

For some reason, it’s become en vogue to stay uninformed on something rather than to have enough of the basic information to have a simple stance or opinion. It’s even more tragic considering the ease at which information is accessible now.

It’s not like you have to go to the library and learn the Dewey Decimal System to find the most basic information on things.”

3. Not a fan.

“Harley Davidson motorcycle culture.

Where I live there are many areas that are tourist destinations especially for bike riders and motorcyclists. Most are fine and do their own thing until the Harley groups come in. They are basically a bunch of Karens in leather vests. They act all uppity, know everything and expect you to show them respect because of the logo on their vest.

They are tough, but throw a hissy fit if you pass them in a 55 mph zone while they are going 30. Bunch of 60 year old babies trying to look tough.”

4. Better watch your mouth.

“Acting ghetto.

I was skiing a few years ago, and waiting in the lift line I hear a bunch of ghetto talk including the n-word. Turn around and it’s a couple of spoiled white kids with hundreds of dollars of snowboard equipment talking sh*t and flashing (fake) signs.

At the time, I lived in a very rough neighborhood in a dangerous city and all I could think is “your stupid white *sses wouldn’t last 2 seconds in my hood, go back to your suburban McMansions and STFU!””

5. Idiots.

“Flying the Confederate flag proudly.

Nothing is more stupid to me than seeing Billy Bob flying his extra large flag from his jacked-up truck (complete with truck nuts hanging off the trailer hitch).”

6. You’re not a professional.

“Not wearing a cage in beer league hockey.

Losing your teeth in a beer league game because you’re too tough to wear one extra piece of protective equipment is so stupid.”

7. Not worth the risk.

“Not wearing a helmet when riding a skateboard or bike.

I’ve even seen motorcyclists not wearing them, in some states it is legal to not wear one, which is the least intelligent thing I can think of.

I am sure those people think they look so bad*ss but to most of us you look like a fool.”

8. Pretty weird.

“This new trend of people making depression a personality.

I am not saying people cant be depressed, have anxiety or other mental health issues. I just don’t think people should base their personality and identity around having (or even pretending) to have a mental disorder.

If you have a mental issue and you use it as your personality, you might not be able to drag yourselves out of it. If your pretending to meet a trend, you could start developing actual depression. But what do I know…. I’m no a doctor. I just see this as a stupid dangerous trend.”

9. Drives me crazy.

“Condemning intellectualism.


A culture or subculture that stigmatizes meaningful achievement is hot garbage.”

10. A big turn-off.

“Acting incredibly nihilistic and playing hard to get.

The sort of “won’t message first, your parents will probably hate me” type.

It’s not bad*ss, it’s annoying and is a major turn off for most sensible people.”

11. You should probably stop that.

“People that brag about all the energy drinks they drink. “

Yo I drank 6 Monster today”.

Awesome. Enjoy your diabetes and no teeth.”

12. Not something to brag about.

“Having been in jail.

That’s the most interesting thing about some folks and they take every opportunity to be edgy because “they been locked up”.

F*ck off.”

13. Macho man.

“For lack of a better word, let’s use the correct concept: “machismo”.

Trying to be a “manly man” stereotype instead of being a normal person.”

Are there some things out there that you think are really dumb that other people think are cool?

If so, talk to us in the comments and share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!