People Discuss Things They Think Are Portrayed as Bad, but Really Aren’t

It seems like that in the world we live in today, once something or someone is “cancelled” or called out in a negative light, everyone immediately turns their back on those things.

Sure, some of those things and people definitely deserve it because they’re, well, sh*tty, but it can sometimes spin out of control a little bit, too.

And, even though it might not seem like it all the time, everyone is still entitled to their opinion.

Folks on AskReddit talked about things that get negatively portrayed but really aren’t bad. Let’s take a look.

1. You do you.

“Being “basic” in the sense that you have likes and hobbies similar to a group of people.

I feel even in the sense of being a basic b*tch with Starbucks and skinny jeans and Uggs.

Just because its a popular thing and is comfortable doesn’t mean its bad.”

2. Some people just suck.

“Disliking your family.

If your family always have been a bunch of *ssholes to you, what is the sense of even having respect for them?”

3. Okay with it!

“Being alone.

It’s far less stressful than having other people around.

Not to mention we live in an insanely good time for being alone.

Not that I’m trying to twist being alone as a positive or something because I think for most people it absolutely is not, but if you’re into that then you couldn’t be living in a better time.”

4. Strike out on your own.

“Breaking tradition.

It’s important to question why we do things and not just go along with it “because it’s been like that for years.””

5. Gotta keep practicing!

“Being bad at the thing you spend hours doing.

I mean, you can always just do it for fun without actually wanting to improve.

Be it art, video games or singing.”

6. Saving money is good.

“Being frugal (to a point).

I think being able to control spending habits, save money, and being able to assess what items are necessary vs excessive in ones life is often overlooked in a consumerist society.

Until this year, I was using my iPhone 4 happily. Friends and family would constantly make jokes about my ancient phone and how I am just too cheap to buy a new one.

The truth was that it was still working fine and fulfilling all the needs I had for a phone. So why spend money to replace something that is still working!

Note: I am not advocating for the extremes of this like my previous roommate who refused to turn on our A/C or Heating. It once read 51 degrees F on our thermostat during December.”

7. Not for everyone.

“Not being super ambitious about your work/career.

I’m happy just being a cog in the machinery.

I earn a decent wage that affords me the things I need and enjoy in life, and I’m in a good rut in my daily routine, no need to exert a lot of energy to change that.”

8. An interesting perspective.

“Death isn’t always a bad thing.

There’s a lot of people who suffer with degenerative illnesses or are in extreme pain every day of their lives. I saw this happen to my grandad after he had a brain tumor, by the end it was for the best that he passed away.

Obviously untimely deaths are sad, but sometimes you need to accept that being alive, and truly living are two different things.”

9. I love it!

“Going to dinner or a movie alone.

I love going to movies alone, especially at weird times. You can have the whole theater to yourself pretty easily.”

10. A great point.

“Not wanting to have kids.

Introducing an entire human life into the world where it heavily depends on you physically, emotionally, and financially for over a decade is a huge deal that people should absolutely put a lot of thought into, yet many people do it simply because “that’s just what you do” and “babies are cute”, and then they’re constantly complaining about how it’s suddenly hard being a parent.

Parenthood isn’t for everyone. It’s a huge decision, people should treat it as such instead of acting like it’s a trend. I wish society would quit looking down on those who choose to live a more quiet and stable life instead.”

11. Hard to comprehend, but okay…

“Not liking animals. And this is coming from an animal lover…

Some people just don’t like them for various reasons and so long as they don’t mistreat them, they aren’t monsters.”

12. Let it all out.


I’m a 6’3” 230lb construction worker and I cry a couple times a year.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your emotions out.”

13. Night owls.

“Sleeping during the day and staying up all night.

Some people are more comfortable being up at night and sleeping during the day like myself.

I used to work a few overnight jobs and it’s disheartening how many people still look down on those who don’t wake up at the crack of dawn and go to bed in the evening.”

Now it’s your turn.

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