People Discuss What “the Weird Kid” in Their School Did That They Still Remember

Do remember “the weird kid” growing up in school?

They did all kinds of bizarre things to get attention or maybe just because they really needed to act out in a way to soothe their tortured souls…

Of course, you do! Every school has at least one. Heck, maybe YOU were even that person.

And, all those years later, you usually remember the one thing they did that shocked everyone. Long live those weird kids!

Let’s dig in to some stories from AskReddit users.

1. Wow.

“Dressed like the Queen of England (hair, shoes, and everything) from Elementary to Middle, then dressed like a doll for a year, tried to hook up with everyone.

Got kicked off stage at a talent show for doing a burlesque routine, would work her s*xual prowess into every oral report, and her last year she came to school 2 times in just a mini skirt and bra. I

didn’t know her personally at all but, I’ve kind of suspected she might’ve been abused or something.”

2. Doing better now.

“He regularly threw chairs around the classroom and one time he even held a pair of scissors to a teacher’s throat.

That was in primary school.

He was seriously throubled but seems ok now.”

3. Pretty mild.

“Cut his own hair while in class, mentioned that he would conquer the world with a revolver.

Ended up setting fire to his house and was sent to a mental asylum.

Pretty mild stuff.”

4. You just made the list.

“He had a book where he would write in people that wronged him.

I got put in for smelling like soap!”

5. Very odd…

“There was this really mentally f*cked up kid I could probably write a book about.

He went through a phase where he was obsessed with JFK, printed out pictures of him and taped them to everything, his binder, truck, locker, etc. idk what happened but later that year all those pictures changed to pictures of Hitler.

He referred to this as the time that “the devil overtook him with evil”. He did this same sh*t with William Shatner and a teacher at our school, but the bizarre satanic Hitler obsession takes the cake.”

6. Getting it from both sides.

“He stabbed me with a #2 pencil in my collarbone area.

I went to the hospital but they said I was fine. My step dad said I would do anything to get out of school.

F*ck both of those guys.”

7. He was hungry!

“Had a container of Red Kool Aid powder in his desk and he would open it and eat it by the handful when he would get bored — usually an hour after lunch.”

8. Who was he…?

“He said he was Sonic The Hedgehog, when someone asked his name he would say “I am Sonic” and run away as fast as he could.

He even wrote his name as Sonic on homework and tests.

Most people never knew his real name.”

9. The crowd watched in horror.

“During my 6th grade graduation, our class sang a song.

Weird kid is standing next to me on stage and suddenly projectile vomits and some of it landed on my shoes. Impressively, he still kept singing while I stood there wide-mouthed in horror and disbelief.

I’ll never forget all the gasps from the crowd.”

10. Booger.

“At an all-school assembly during my freshman year, a motivational speaker posed an easy rhetorical question to the crowd, and the weird kid in my grade unnecessarily shouted out the answer, to every bored person’s sudden delight.

For some reason (trying to maintain his authority?), the speaker asked our weird kid, “What’s your name, son?” Without pause, weird kid STOOD UP from his chair and loudly proclaimed, “MY NAME IS BOOGER.”

This announcement was met with raucous applause and laughter from the entire student body.

It was gloriously random and weird. From then on the weird kid was known only as Booger in our small town. It fit him better than “Shawn,” and he owned that name until graduation.”

11. That’s…strange.

“In fourth grade a girl ate a whole mechanical pencil next to me. She also regularly ate whole sheets of paper and erasers.

The pencil really sticks out in my mind though.”

12. This is revolting.

“His desk was in front of mine in Japanese class.

He would pop his back acne and eat the puss when he was bored. It was absolutely horrendous and people were pretty mean to him.

But in hindsight his mom used to drop him off and handles of vodka and/or beer cans would fall out of the car when he got out.

He was probably just going through it………. but in a strange way”

13. Wonder what happened to him…

“He was a genius, all top scores.

One day he called a friend of mine and said: “Hey, what are you doing this afternoon? Do you want to come here so we design a time travel machine?”.

Who knows where he is now.”

14. A legend.

“Guy in Jr. High had an unsightly amount of ear wax and was obsessed with James Bond, who he claimed to be his uncle.

He would loudly proclaim that “James Bond will kick your *ss” to anyone who questioned his affiliation with James Bond, made fun of James Bond in any fashion or denounced James Bond’s skills. He would literally get into fistfights to protect the honor of James Bond.

There was also a girl in my elementary school who never wore shoes and was known for her impressive f*rting skills. I’ll never forget the day when our class was sitting on the library floor during a lecture by the librarian how to handle/read/fold a newspaper (the 90s were weird).

It could not have been more boring when all of the sudden out of nowhere the girl unleashed a massive f*rt that kept going and going, and kept getting louder and louder to the point that the entire class was in full blown hysterics while the f*rt continued to rage on.

The hero we needed that day. Legend.”

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

Do you remember what “the weird kid” in your high school did that was pretty shocking?

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