People Are Extremely Pissed off About the Possible Repeal of Net Neutrality


As we inch closer to Armageddon, aka the repeal of net neutrality, people are losing their shit. And rightfully so. This ruling, in my humble opinion, sounds like a total disaster.

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An open Internet is one of the last democratic things we have left (in addition to jukeboxes, the old ones, not these digital things where you can pay extra and skip over people), and it’s gonna be a damn shame if that goes away.

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But people are horrible and greedy, and the FCC is hellbent on ending net neutrality as a giant corporate giveaway at the expense of all the actual people in the country. If net neutrality goes, the Internet will basically be treated like cable TV, and consumers will end up paying extra for higher speeds and certain websites. Imagine an internet “bundle” that includes Netflix and Hulu, but not Amazon or HBO GO – those would cost extra. It would be legal, and, in short, that’s total bullshit. And people are PISSED. Here is what they are saying:

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I don’t get behind a whole lot of causes, but this one is really important. So write your representatives and MAKE SOME NOISE!

If you’d like to call your representatives, you can find who they are their numbers HERE.

h/t: Mashable