People Felt Sad for an Elderly DoorDash Driver and Raised $100,000 for Him

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Well, you’re in luck, my friends, because this tale is so wholesome that you might even shed a tear.

It all started when a woman shared a video of a sweet, old man who delivered her food via DoorDash.

@anabellegracestephens Hype Kerry up 🥺 #doordash ♬ Tell Me Why I’m Waiting – Timmies/Shiloh

The woman’s TikTok video gained a lot of steam and people commented about how an elderly man shouldn’t have to be delivering food to make ends meet.

She ended up finding out the man’s name, Kerry, and a little bit about him. Kerry is 71-years-old and his wife passed away in 2011. He makes deliveries for DoorDash to help make ends meet.

She ended up setting up a site for him to receive donations.

@anabellegracestephens Reply to @felonyuh Here’s for reassurance for everyone! He is indeed all set up and receiving your donations!! This has come at a great time for him when it was much needed!! #kerry #idaho #ktvb ♬ Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

As of now, the site has raised over $111,000 for Kerry!

If you’re interested in donating, the Go Fund Me site for Kerry is HERE.

Here’s a video of the whole story. How nice!

@anabellegracestephens I can’t begin to describe the amount of support from across the world! This is beyond words and beyond what I could ever imagine! This is life changing for Kerry and that is ALL from you guys!!! #kerry #idaho #gofundme ♬ Happy – Here At Last

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