People Found Out Big Bird Is Different Colors in Different Countries

Image Credit: Twitter

Sesame Street is one of those children’s programs that almost everyone watched, or still watches with their own littles, and it’s honestly heartwarming and wholesome to know that those same characters are sharing lessons and ups and downs and relationships with kids all over the world.

It’s a little more along the lines of unsettling for many, though, to realize that as you follow the cast around the globe, Big Bird is not always yellow.

Image Credit: Twitter

Which, I mean…is he supposed to be a giant canary? A finch? There aren’t that many yellow birds, and none of them are really big (except maybe parrots)?

But I digress.

I, too, assumed he would be big and inexplicably yellow no matter the country in question.

We were all so wrong.

Also, his name is not always Big Bird.

In the Dutch version, he’s big and blue.

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In Mexico, he’s called Abelardo, and also he resembles an actual parrot, which is kind of nice.

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In Turkey he’s a shade of orangish-red that’s at least as garish as his American yellow plumage.

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Big Bird has confirmed that he has cousins from all over the world who look like him but not really, which basically proves they’re family, I guess.

Sooooo what do we do with this information, y’all?

First we’ll take a moment to freak out. That’s allowed.

And then obviously we’d like to see them all together. For comparison purposes, maybe?

There were some technicalities to hash out.

Maybe there were some vague references about bird families, we’re not really sure.

The bottom line is that this is actually really cool – and we all think Sesame Street is missing out by not having crossover episodes or more bird travel episodes slated for the near future.

What do you think? Are you ok? We’re here for your reactions down in the comments!