People From Other Countries Share What They Believe Are the Good Things About America

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No doubt about it, our country has done and continues to do some awful things around the globe.

But I still firmly believe that the United States does a lot of good and that our best days are ahead of us.

It’s also true that our reputation around the globe is definitely less than stellar…especially right now…

But what do non-Americans think are the POSITIVE things about the United States?

Let’s see what AskReddit users from other parts of the world said.

1. Interesting.

“How accommodating many places are to disabled people, especially for people in wheelchairs.

There are often ramps and large disabled parking spaces not to mention that there is an entire amusement park for people in wheelchairs in San Antonio!”

2. Going big.

“Big living spaces.

I live in Hong Kong and our average flat sizes are around 300 to 500 square feet.

If you are in a flat that’s over 1000 square feet that’s considered super luxurious.”

3. A good attitude.


I hate seeing american optimism in the works, I come from a culture that complains a lot and is quite cynical.

When I first started studying in the US it was always oft-putting (and fake) that people were so positive about so many things. But hey, it works. When me and my american friend crashed out of about 20-30 job interviews, I was the one crippled by depression and self-doubt while he simply looked ahead, said there are tons of other good things out there anyway.

I simply gave up, while he continued applying and planning. I think americans have a very good attitude towards failure.”

4. Friendly folks.

“I went to America in February, just before Corona became a real threat in Europe and America and people there are really nice and talkative.

Here you don’t ask where tourist are from or begin a conversation just randomly while in a grocery store.

Was a bit confused by you guys saying ‘how are you?’ as a greeting thugho, I knew you did but still it caught me off guard.”

5. Robust arts.

“You have a robust arts industry including movies, tv, videogames, etc.

Here in Australia our government routinely undermines are fledgling videogames industry, most of our tv shows lack any of the polish of yours, and with our movies.

Let’s just say we literally tried to get people to pay to see a film version of a TV show that was canceled due to lack of viewership on FREE tv.”

6. Down to Earth.

“Hospitality and kindness.

On my travels in America I found the majority of Americans to be kind, keen to help and lovely to spend time with.

Obviously there will be some wankers (there are wankers everywhere) but I associate America with a cheerful, upbeat people who will smile and be pleased to meet a new person.”

7. Out in the country.

“Safety in rural areas.

Our dream is to buy a farm and live peacefully but where I live, it’s so dangerous it’s unreal.

When I see movies or programs about people living on ranches or farms in some town in the US, it look amazing. We could never…”

8. Freedom.

“There is a very individualist philosophy, which is a good thing in many ways.

That attitude of I do what I want because I want to and nobody can tell me what to do or how to live my life.

In a way it is very freeing.”

9. A big fan.

“I am originally from the Middle East, I traveled and lived in few other countries mainly in the Middle East and Asia, and finally I moved to California 8 years ago.

Everything about America 🇺🇸 makes me thankful I moved here. The convenience of living… The weather… The entertainment….job opportunities… internet… freedom of speech (YES!) …

Freedom of religion… Accessibility… Technology… Nature… restrooms anywhere… Housing… Freeways… Traffic….airports… Food… Cars prices… prices.. politics…dreams that can come true…air travel…diversity…and 1000 other small things and big things…

What I hate the MOST is the attitude of some entitled Americans who DO NOT KNOW HOW BLESSED THEY ARE! Sometimes I wish I could go on CNN or ABC or FOX… And just give a short speech on how BEAUTIFUL this country is even with all its problems… And scream at those ungrateful brats who can’t be thankful for this amazing life they have…”

10. Social people.

“Lived in the US for one year in the Midwest.

I have to say Americans are very talkative and they do like to socialize a lot. They love to get together a lot and meet up.

There are lots of places to have fun and hang out like arcades, bowling alleys, bars… it’s just not something people really do where I live.”

11. Very diverse.

“The diversity is wonderful, both in the people, culture, food, architecture and nature.

Also a European accent works wonders on American girls haha, I will always appreciate that.”

12. Culture of liberty.

“You have a large, well educated population, a dynamic economy, a professional civil service, and arguably the most favorable geographic position among all countries today.

You also have a culture of liberty which, although
facing challenges, is a potent inoculation against totalitarians.”

13. Eat up!

“The best food I have seen in 35 different countries visited.

The food diversity in the US is phenomenal, and Americans have improved and perfected many cuisines.

In Europe there’s way too much attention to being authentic, and in the US it really feels like the melting pot and “bastardization” of cuisines has elevated food to a whole new level.”

14. Good museums.

“America has some of the very best museums in the world.

I spent a week going through the Smithsonian in Washington and it was amazing.”

15. From an expat.

“As an American who left 10 years ago because I was fed up with America’s shit, I can honestly say that it took me leaving America to see the good in it.

One thing I have come to appreciate about the United States, even though it doesn’t apply to me, specifically, is that anyone can become an American. I’ve lived in a few different places in my time abroad and no matter how fluent I get in language and culture I am eternally the “foreigner”. Especially here in Japan. The official word to refer to us is “outsider”.

I could live here 30 years, naturalize, forsake my American citizenship, have a Japanese baby and I would never be Japanese. But you, Japanese friend, can be American, as much of an American as I am. And I think that’s really cool.”

Now we’d like to hear from you.

Whether you’re an American or from another country, share what you think are some POSITIVE things about the United States.

Thanks in advance!