People in Asia Are Really Sick of “Begpackers” Asking for Money to Fund Their Travels


Man, this is really annoying. Like, infuriating. The nerve of some people is enough to make your blood boil.

For some reason, there’s a trend in Asian countries of Western backpackers asking the locals for money to help finance their travels. There’s nothing like asking someone who has to go to work every day to give you some cash so YOU don’t have to work, right?


Obviously, the locals in these places are not fans of these folks, and I don’t blame them one bit. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Especially insulting in a working-class neighborhood

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In a very working class neighbourhood that has been especially hard hit by the typhoon how you have the nerve to beg for money to fund your travels around Asia is completely beyond me. Your new clothes and new shoes, begging for money in a wet market as people around you try to rebuild their shops and lives. I've always hated #begpackers but this if fucking infuriating #typhoonmangkhut

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2. F*ck off

3. Begging

Beg packers – tourists who travel with the intent to beg for money from the locals to fund further travel. Peep the sign, too from ChoosingBeggars

4. Shameless

5. Great! They brought kids!

6. Please support me

7. Uggghhh

8. D-bags

9. Hugs!

10. So disrespectful

11. Traveling is a choice

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Yesterday I saw these blindfolded travellers asking for money in one of the most transited areas of the shopping district of Kuala Lumpur, and I have strong feelings about it. Travelling is a choice, and not only a choice but a luxurious one. When you choose to travel, to leave your confort zone and explore the world you might feel yourself as an adventurer, and you might be one, you are one among your group of privileged people. If you can actively decide to leave everything behind, take a backpack and wonder the world, it is because you have a social structure that allows you to do it. You do it because most likely your family does not need your work force to be sustained, you do it because even after months or years of travel, you can go back to a safe place were your "struggles" as a backpacker will only be a nice memory of the times when you decided to get out of your confort zone and "live". I have no troubles with the people that decide to travel and perform an art, entertain people, and from that keep travelling, or finding a part time job in different places to keep going, as long as it is legal. When I was living in Oxford I had a licence to perform in the streets and I was registered as a legal busker as a side activity. I have also performed in bars and hostels in exchange of a beer or an extra free night. I have done hardcore backpacking myself, and if it wasn't for the dozens of people that have let me stayed with them or that have helped me in other ways, I wouldn't have been able to live as many experiences. But I have never pretended that people should give me free money to keep travelling, to keep doing what the majority of the people in this planet will never be able to do, not because they don't want to but because they can't. I have always had enough to sustain myself, I plan and save for years for my travels. Continue reading on the next post. —> #begpacker #backpacker #travelling #qleveryday #BukitBintang #KualaLumpur #Malaysia #Asia

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12. Nope

Begpacker near Hồ Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi from VietNam

13. Beggars

Begpackers spotted in Hoi An from VietNam

14. They look pretty happy to me

15. Privilege

Uggghhhh…some people…