People in Sweden Eat Bananas on Pizza, and I’ve Got Some Questions

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I love me a good banana. And by “good,” I mean those elusive 2.5 days between when you buy a banana green and when they cross the threshold into “too mushy” (to be determined by the individual, of course).

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But, in general, I am not a fan of fruit on pizza, and bananas? Just…no.

I suppose I get the pineapple inclination, since it can be grilled and still hold its integrity, but bananas are so fragile and mushy to start with, and combining their consistency with a crust….idk.

Photo Credit: Pizza Hut

If it were a dessert pizza with a sugar cookie crust, chocolate drizzle and Nutella sauce, I’d give it a shot.

But that’s basically a crepe.

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Anyway, that’s my admittedly American opinion on the subject.

However, in Sweden, pizza was born weird, and it just gets weirder the longer they pop pies out of the oven. Apparently the first 30 or so pizza places in the country were all owned by the same family — one with, shockingly, no Italian roots.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

They also make pies to order, which means that they will randomly add toppings demanded by customers regardless of whether they think they make sense, go together or are at all pleasing to the palate.

For example, this atrocity, dubbed “Pizza Afrikana,” includes bananas, curry powder, mushrooms and peanuts.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Look. I recognize that some things turn out to go together way better than you would’ve expected, but…I’m still not trying this.

If you make your way to Sweden and pick up a slice, please report back. The rest of the world needs to know the truth.