People Muse On What They Would Do First If They Suddenly Owned Disney

Regardless of whether you’re a huge Disney fan who finds a way to spend time at the parks every year or you’re a casual fan who gets around to seeing the movies eventually, we can all imagine what it would be like to suddenly find ourselves in charge of a huge, profitable, and pretty much universally-liked company.

Or maybe we can’t imagine it, but you know, it’s fun to try.

These 16 people are giving it a go and sharing what they would do very first if that magically became their reality.

16. It’s not a joke.

I’ve no ideas and just remake every classic they’ve produced. Ohh wait.

Someone told me they were re-doing Snow White but were possibly going to leave the seven dwarves out because dwarves are offensive these days? No idea if this is true or just a lame joke but the fact that it’s somewhat believable says a lot.

15. Make it more affordable.

Lower cost of admission, bring back free parking at Disney resorts for guest staying on property, bring back free fast passes, raise cast members wages and get to work on deal to bring all Marvel characters to Disney World.

14. Like Chevy Chase without the fake gun.

Close Disneyworld for a day and take my niece (and the rest of the family… I guess) there.

13. A very specific desire.

Make a Emperor’s New Groove ride.

I have no idea where I’d even put it, but we’re doing it.

12. Gorsh.

Carts selling turkey legs and beer now patrol each ride line.

Original cuts of Star Wars are permanently available for streaming.

Goofy’s pants are now crotchless.

11. You don’t want to forget about your blood sugar.

Make a sandwich.

Disney stopped making good sandwiches a long time ago.

10. Can’t argue here.

Bring back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as part of the core Mickey Mouse crew.

Bring Kingdom Hearts to the Disney parks

Pull our licenses from all the video game companies and license them out to studios with good track records with stipulations that as long as they continue making high reviewing games, they can continue using the license

Revive ToonTown Online

9. Puffles unite!

bring back the good club penguin, back when it was a website and not a crappy app.

8. More magic hours.

Reduce park prices, reinstate extra magic hours for park hotel guests.

7. It seems like a lot of work.

Sell it to someone else.

I have no idea what I’m doing and some extra money wouldn’t hurt.

I don’t know jack about what Disney does and needs and I can see myself ruining a lot of fans’ lives(number of them I know personally) by me running it.

That’s without even thinking about the ruining the financial side of things. I’m going to side step and ask the board to put a proper CEO in place and cash out.

6. Disney drunk.

i remember being the absolute last guest on space mountain and it felt so cool to literally go in, speed walk through the whole line, and walk right on the ride. it was extremely late, i was euphorically tired, and “disney drunk.”

it was that type of tired where you laugh at absolutely nothing and have the best time. oh man. such good times there.

it’s bulls*%t that the parks close so early now, and they’re upping prices but taking away good stuff

5. It holds up well.

Hand drawn animation.

2D animation holds up so well. Disney animation from 20 years ago still looks incredible. But now all 3D animated movies will look outdated in a couple of years with how hyper realistic everything is. Even more stylistic 3D styles just don’t do it for me.

Personal opinion of course, 3D artists are exceptional. I just wish hyper-realism wasn’t the goal.

4. Make it for grownups.

Set up a animation studio that will make movies that are geared towards adults. Take Grave of the fireflies for example.

It is not a kids movie but it’s animation and beautiful. Animation does not have to be only for kids.

3. I can get behind that.

Release Star Wars Christmas Special on Disney Plus but add captions for the wookies.

Then the next Christmas add completely different captions. And so on and so on.

2. To each their own.

Assuming I can do whatever I want regardless of business viability or PR, I would make a villains park.

21+ adults only. No kids, no exceptions.

It’s centered around the villains, serves alcohol in numerous locations, including “Witches Cauldrons” which brew “potions”, basically your standard bar.

It would have a more adult aspect to it and would cater to the parents who want to “let loose” and leave the kids with grandma for a day or something.

1. Here, here.

Pay all the authors they owe money to

After paying all the authors, let’s also stop Disney from being the biggest supporter of California’s Proposition 13, which freezes Disney’s property taxes at their 1975 levels, forcing new home owners to subsidize the taxes that Disney and other corporations would have to pay.

Disney is one of the major reasons housing is unaffordable for young families in California.

These are some pretty solid choices if you ask me.

What would you do? We’re dying to hear more ideas in the comments!