People Offer Reasons (Besides the Obvious) About Why They Like Wearing Masks in Public

©Unsplash,Tom Barrett

Obviously, we’re all dealing with some serious sh*t at this moment in history.

None of us expected this to happen at the beginning of 2020, but here we are and we have to deal with it in the best way possible.

And that means WEARING A MASK when you go out in public.

Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it can fog up your glasses. Oh well! It’s not a big deal and you’re helping out yourself, your family, and complete strangers who you come into contact with.

But what are some OTHER reasons that people like wearing masks in public?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Not as awkward.

“It makes negotiations and awkward conversations at work so much easier!

They can’t read my face nearly as well, so I feel way more confident.

I love it.”

2. What am I thinking?

“I never realized how much emotions I unintentionally show when not wearing a mask.

Now people can’t tell what I’m thinking.”

3. Time to shine.

“I’m in the military and have to shave.

I also have to wear a mask at all times on base.

So I’m growing a goatee.

Suck it, big brother.”

4. From a dentist.

“A few of my patients said it covers their bad teeth and they feel like they can laugh and smile more with other people without feeling self-conscious.”

5. Covering it up.

“My teeth suck.

This whole mask thing has been just fantastic.”

6. Fighting allergies.

“I have terrible seasonal allergies and can’t breathe through my nose very well because I’m constantly congested.

Wearing a mask makes me feel less embarrassed to breathe through my mouth!”

7. I love this!

“My sister bought me a black mask that reads, “Spaceballs the Facemask.”

When I wear it out in public people look at me and smile. Some laugh and tell me how much they love my face mask.

It makes people happy, and considering the depressing times we need more happiness in the world.”

8. Problem: solved!

“Out in public, I often think of funny things, which causes me to smile slightly.

Before masks, if I ever made accidental eye contact with anyone during those times, they thought I was smiling at them and would smile back, or approach and try to socialize with me.

Well, I’m an extreme introvert and I hate that. Now, with masks, no one can see me smile–so that problem is solved! I’m actually going out more because of it.”

9. Anxiety.

“I have bad social anxiety and don’t speak much in public.

I’m also an opinionated b*tch.

Now I can make comments I’m public without being like “everyone heard that, they know it was you, they want you to shut up”.”

10. Just like Maverick.

“I get to pretend like I’m a fighter pilot when I pull it off and let it dangle once I get back to the safety of my car.”

11. Get to work.

“I like hiding my face so I can focus on my work easier…

If that makes sense…

I started wearing a work hat with the mask and I really like it.”

12. A real game-changer.

“Not having to smell people’s coffee breath, and people not having to smell my cigarette breath.”

13. Have a good time with it.

“I can make funny faces, talk to myself and sing and if no one is around, no one will notice.

I just love it.”

14. No one can see…

“I talk a lot in my head and sometimes accidentally mouth what I’m saying so people probably think I’m crazy but with the masks no one knows.”

15. You do you.

“I don’t have to pretend to smile at people at work.

I can get away with my usual expression of angry boredom.”

16. Mindin’ my own business.

“I don’t have to overthink whether the random people I see are acquaintances and whether i should say hi or not…

Or really i dont have to say hi to anyone whether im sure i know them or not…

I can just mind my own business and not care about anyone…”

How about you?

What are some other reasons that you don’t mind wearing a mask when you head out in public?

Tell us what you think in the comments!