People Open up About the Logic Problems With Their Religions

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I remember when I was a kid being raised in the Catholic church, I believed EVERYTHING I heard. Which I guess isn’t very unusual for young people…

But as I reached my teens, I started to question a little, then a lot, and then I eventually threw in the towel and decided I didn’t want to have anything to do with organized religion at all.

But that’s just me.

Every person is unique in their spiritual journey and it’s always interesting to hear what different people believe.

AskReddit users sounded off on what they think are “plot holes” in religions.

1. Hmmm…

“What happened to all the fresh water fish in the flood”

And where did all that water come from in the first place? And then where did it all drain to?”

2. Wait. What?

“”In the beginning there was Adam and Eve” Ok, I’m following that. 2 people on the planet.

They had 2 sons named Cain and Able. Yep, still with it. 4 people on the planet.

Cain killed Able. Ok, thats down to 3 people on the planet.

Cain took a wife. Wait, wut?”

3. Where are they?

“The lack of dinosaurs.

But, the Bible has a few verses in it describing monstrosities that could be dinosaurs. Even dragons…”

4. Not a fan.

“If God is the all knowing intelligent being that created everything, what was his reasoning around making foxes mating noises.

If humans are his children and he loves us why make us suffer every night listening to screaming of little horny foxes.”

5. The big one.

“Plot hole: there are hundreds of other religions that also claim to be the only true one.”

6. Uh oh…

“If Adam and Eve were the first two people on Earth and are responsible for the birth of all people ever, than the entire human race is the product of incest.

Although, to be fair, that does explain quite a lot.”

7. What happens 

“If good people go to heaven and bad people goes to hell, and also we’ll see again loved one after death, what happen when a good people love a bad people? Think about a mother with a serial killer son for instance.

Is the good people condemned to spend eternity without their loved one? How is it fair?”

8. Rigging the lottery.

“My wife and I got married in the church that her and her family went to growing up. Part of the process of being married in the church meant that we had to do pre marriage classes.

During these classes we had to discuss a variety of topics including s*xual relationships between husband and wife.

We were told that the catholic church does not believe in any form of birth control, a child is a gift from god.

Couples looking to engage in intercourse just need to keep track of a woman’s cycle and that would be fine. Kind of seemed like someone trying to rig a lottery.”

9. Something to think about.

“If man is not perfect, but man wrote the Bible how am I supposed to trust what I’m reading from the Bible.

How do I know they didn’t mess anything up?”

10. Forgiveness.

“If you’re god and you need to split off part of you to send to earth to die for the sins of mankind, wouldn’t it just be faster to like…forgive them yourself?

I mean, you aren’t scoring points from me for this convoluted story of some virgin getting knocked up by you to give birth to a form of you that I’m supposed to feel bad about when they die for my sins even though that was their whole purpose.”

11. Thoughts?

“We can read Egyptian hieroglyphics. They kept extensive records.

No mention of using Jewish slaves to build the pyramids, them revolting, a royal named Moses or a Red Sea parting.”

12. Doesn’t add up.

“Virgin Mary had a child.

Glances suspiciously at churches/catholic schools stating abstinence is 100% effective in avoiding a pregnancy…”

13. Greek Gods.

“I always found it hypocritical that the gods punished Oedipus for sleeping with his mother without realizing it, despite the fact that Zeus married his own sister while being fully aware that they were siblings.”

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us what “plot holes” you think exist in your religion.

Or any religion for that matter!

Please and thank you!