People Open up About What They’re Really Like When They Get Drunk

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There are all kinds of drunks out there. Some people are a lot of fun, some turn into absolute monsters, and others just fall onto the ground and becoming hysterical, sobbing disasters.

I can tell you what kind of drunk I am: I definitely loosen up and I like to laugh and have a good time. I definitely DO NOT get angry, which I can’t say for some other people I’ve known throughout my life.

AskReddit users got real and opened up about what kind of drunks they are.

1. Who needs a drink?!?!

“The rich kind.

I may be broke as hell and counting my cents earlier that day and waiting for a check, but when I pass a certain point in the evening I start paying shots and beers left and right like if I was a millionaire baby.”

2. Mood = Amplified.

“My general mood gets amplified.

If I’m happy, I get happier. If I’m sad, I get sadder, etc etc etc.”

3. Here’s the plan…

“Drunk me makes elaborate plans to do things with people that sober me never follows through with.”

4. It comes in stages.

“I start out as a fun drunk and then i turn into an emotional and sad drunk.

Then i finish off as a philosophical drunk.”

5. Cheers to my friends!

“I’m typically a quiet, reserved sober that turns into a fun-loving, talkative drunk that wants to befriend everyone around them.”

6. You can do it…now let’s eat!

“I start telling everyone how great they are and that they can definitely pursue their dreams.

Then… I get the munchies.”

7. You are amazing!

“No one is more supportive and encouraging than drunk women in a public bathroom.

Seriously, I have both given and received some incredible compliments to total strangers.”

8. You sound like fun.

“The one who talks about life, death, and existence after two tequila shots.

Also, extremely horny.”

9. Let me tell you my life story.


I’m the worst.

I mean, I overshare sober. DrunkMe has no filter AT ALL. I mean, she’s hilarious. But I always wake up thinking “I said WHAT to WHO?!??!?!””

10. Good thing you’re sober.

“Angry, violent and awful. I have an allergic reaction to alcohol that causes me to breakout in handcuffs.

I had nine years sober in April.”

11. Not doing that anymore.

“Happy, pleasantly dozy and distracted, but only temporarily as I’m using booze and drugs to numb things out to the point of black out and not remembering details the next day.

I realized I still have to wake up to the same shit the following day, so what’s the point?

Been sober for 56 days.”

12. Where’s my credit card?

“The “orders crazy shit online” kind of drunk.

So far, I’ve ordered grumpy cat leggings, an embroidery set, socks that make your legs look like chicken legs, the entire Harry Potter series in Dutch and Swedish (I speak neither language), concert tickets, a popcorn machine, a llama flower pot, countless pizzas, and more alcohol.”

13. Here come the insults.

“I’m get giggly and funny.

Unfortunately, the byproduct of this is I also get super insulting. I mean it be funny but not everyone shares my sense of humor. I know I have to shut it down when I start roasting everyone within earshot.”


“Hungry drunk.

Drunk me at the pub definitely means loads of oysters, wings and garlic bread will be consumed.”

15. Sharing the love.

“The really touchy kind, really huggy and lovey-dovey, which is weird because I rarely ever hug people.”

16. That’s not good.

“Sad and angry, which tends to lead to violence.

I commented on something similar before and I got absolutely destroyed by people saying it’s my choice to be a sad angry drunk and that I’m just a pussy who wants to be hard.

I just want to be happy and not hurt people, which alcohol takes that choice away from me but apparently people seem to think it’s my decision to punch walls and cry about how much I hate my life.”

17. The life of the party.

“Anyone who knows both sober and drunk me can definitely tell when I’m starting to get a buzz.

I suddenly become very chatty and before anyone knows it, I’m walking up to strangers and talking to them, making new friends that I’ll likely never see again.”

18. Okay, time to go to sleep.

“I can go from witty and charming to extremely tired within a minute.”

Open and honest. That’s the way I like it.

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