People Open up and Admit the Weirdest Things They’ve Done for Money in Their Lives

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Wayyyyyy before Jackass became a huge hit, there was a guy in my high school who used to do all kinds of crazy stuff on camera and then sell the VHS tapes to other kids.

One of the videos was called…I’m not joking…”Me Eating a Piece of Shit.”

Wow! He was way ahead of his time.

I wonder what ever happened to that guy…

Anyway, the point is that people do all kinds of weird stuff for money.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Nice!

“I wrote an erotic fanfiction featuring spider man, the green goblin, and major booty-groping.

I got paid $75 for it.”

2. Sad.

“Some girl in high school gave me $20 for just being her friend.

In hindsight I still don’t know why I took it and to this day I still feel bad

Mary, I’m sorry.”

3. There’s a fetish for everything.

“I found someone with a fart fetish and farted in their face 10 times for $200. Yeah.

That’s weird I think.”

4. Dumpster diving.

“My dad accidentally threw away a box of important papers into a large dumpster.

He paid me to go get it, easiest 100 bucks I ever made.”

5. Congratulations!

“I let some old man watch me piss in a toilet on webcam for $10.”

6. Cool!

“I self publish lesbian romance novels.

It’s surprisingly lucrative.”

7. Thrill seeker.

“I jumped butt naked into Pearl Harbor in the middle of the night for pocket change.

Also swam across a small lagoon attached to Pearl Harbor in broad daylight in my underwear for $20 because I told everyone I could swim across faster than it would take for my group of friends to walk around.

Worth it.”

8. Get some people talking…

“Made the teacher talk about her life to cancel the test.

The test didn’t happen and I was 30 bucks richer!!”

9. No way I could do this.

“$20 to sing in front of people.

I was 8 and my mom thought it would help bring me out of my shell. The song was “Puff the Magic Dragon” and I am still very much an introvert.”

10. On the cam.

“Shave my vagina on camera, wear a grocery bag as a bra (arms through holes, titties in bag), open my mouth and let somebody inspect my teeth for ten minutes straight, let my sister beat me with a collar and leash ($750).

Sucked on my stilletos, stuck a heel in my vagina, pumped an inflatable butt plug 100 times or more, drank squirt a moi… That’s all that comes to mind right now.

Cam girl life.”

11. How much did you charge?

“When I was a kid a dude paid me for my bucket since he had to take a shit in the middle of a highway.”

12. Seems like a lot of work for $5.

“I was wearing sandals to school to start off the school year and some kid bet me $5 I couldn’t wear them every single day of the school year.

Obviously I wore them bitches every single day. Rain, snow, ice, didn’t matter. I always had my sandals on.

$5 is $5.”

13. Sounds fun!

“In October of 2013 and 2014, I worked as a performer in a “haunted” forest attraction. Basically, customers would ride on a school bus that had its roof cut off through a “haunted” forest.

It’s still running each fall. They have haunted houses, putt putt golf, and some other stuff there too. The first year, I was a witch at the end of the bus ride. The second year, I was a grieving widow in a funeral parlour scene near the beginning of the ride.”

14. I’ve eaten one of those before.

“I ate a dog biscuit for $20 once.

I was drunk and i needed cigarettes so my stupid brother said he’d give me the money if i ate the treat. It wasn’t that bad but I’d never do that shit again.”

15. Originally a bad movie.

“I’m an artist and have worked on a lot of films in my career as well as ad campaigns and branding assignments.

The weirdest or funniest film we ever worked on was Hereditary.

When it first came in it looked like a straight to DVD piece of shit that nobody would ever watch. How they got Toni Collete to do it was a mystery to us, because those shots looked like they were done in the 70s with how rudimentary it was.

Anyway the original SFX company that did the work was based in Utah (where they shot it) and did as bad a job as one possibly could, meaning the firm I work for in NY had to redo everything.

My favorite shot, and answer to this question in particular was the scene where the daughter is in class and awakened by a bird hitting the window of her classroom.

Originally they basically built a potato cannon on set and fired a stuffed bird at the window.

Literally a stuffed bird that you’d get from the dollar store.

So we had to remove the cannon, dollar store pigeon and make it not look like shit but the whole time we’re in disbelief this movie was even being made.”

16. This is strange.

“When I was 17, and newly exploring Grindr; a man offered me 5k in cash to meet him for an hour. nothing good looking, not old, mid 30s I guess. 5k is a LOT so I did say yes to it. however, it came with a specific set of instructions.

wear below-ankle socks

wear basketball shorts

a red tshirt he said he has a deodorant that he’ll spray when I reach his place. when I reached, he told me he only wants to cuddle and talk. towards the end he told me his brother died documenting the Syrian war, and he wanted to be with someone who remotely resembles him.

fast forward 5 months, I texted him again in a mood to earn some money. I got a response from the number saying, “this is __’s mother. he’s passed away”.”

Well, there you have it…the things folks will do for money…

How about you?

Have you ever done something weird or crazy for money?

If so, tell us all about it in the comments!