People Opened up and Shared Who in Their Life They Miss Most Right Now

I know who I miss the most right now.

I miss all my friends who live in different parts of the country that I haven’t been able to see in quite some time now.

As you know, certain world events have thrown a wrench into plans to go visit people for the past year or so, but we’re almost there, folks!

So keep the faith!

Folks on AskReddit opened up about who they miss most in their lives right now.

1. Tragic.

“My Sister, who passed away in 2014, and my Father, who passed the following year.

They shared a birthday which also happens to be today.

I really miss you both.”

2. Think of them often.

“My two dogs from my first marriage.

My ex-wife got both of them (vet said they couldn’t be separated bc one had crippling anxiety and separating them would be too detrimental and I couldn’t bring myself to fight to separate them knowing this).

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them.”

3. Everyone back home.

“I’m from Buffalo, but I’ve lived in NYC for the last year or so due to work.

I haven’t been able to see my family back home since I work in a high risk field for COVID.

Last week, I went to a Wegmens upstate and got emotional walking around, because I guess I just sort of compartmentalized how much I miss home.

So, home.”

4. Mike.

“Mike. He was my “punching bag” when life was hard. We worked together in automotive shop.

He was around until right before my first husband and I got married, he quit or got fired. He showed up and got his job a week before my first husband unexpectedly d**d. He was with me through that, my mom dying of pancreatic cancer, being evicted because my landlord didn’t pay his mortgage.

He would walk up to me and say I looked like I wanted to punch someone, and would let me punch him. I didn’t always but sometimes it helped a lot. He also made me laugh, a lot, even when I didn’t want to. He was the person who let me have a small pity party for myself then tell me to get over myself. I would. He knew me better than I knew myself and we were either really good or very awful.

When we would fight, everyone knew and it was over dumb things and last… sometimes for weeks. He d**d a couple years ago.

I believe that was because I would never need him that way again. But I miss him a lot and wish he could see where I’ve gotten from where I was.”

5. Dad.

“My dad. He k**led himself when I was 15.

I don’t even remember the last thing I said to him. I know I was angry from the abuse and him moving out of state when I was 11.

I miss him so much I wish I could tell him I loved him again.”

6. Still miss him.

“My ex husband.

Yes we’re divorced for good reason but it’s been difficult these past few years without him.

I really do miss him, even though we had our problems.

I bet a lot of people feel like I do.”

7. A sad story.

“My niece.

She passed away in 2019 after her first birthday. Long story short my wife and I dont plan on having kids. Her sisters child (my niece through marriage, who I also love) moved across country so we almost never get to see her.

So when my brothers daughter was born we were always around when we could be. Brought my family together a lot. She was such a sweet kid. She didn’t like a lot of people when she was younger, but I was the only one who could always get her to smile. We just had such a great bond and she was in a coma before she passed away.

That week ruined me, and I was at the hospital every moment I could be. Even now writing this it feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest. I just miss her so much, and I miss life where my brother wasn’t a broken person, he was beyond destroyed.”

8. A voice of hope.

“My grandmother. She was always a voice of real hope and balanced reason, with a big pinch of Southern charm.

I’m ok without her, but a big part of me becoming successful was to validate her impression of me.

She bragged about me all the time.

I became the most deserving of that praise about a year after she passed, and I just wish she could have seen what I’m up to.

She’d have smiled pretty big for her 5 foot self.”

9. Other side of the world.

“My fiancee.

She lives on the other side of the world and I haven’t seen her other than through a phone/computer screen in 6 months.”

10. BFF.

“My dog.

She was my best friend for 14 years and we had to say goodbye in January.”

11. An old friend.

“There’s an old friend I’ve been thinking about lately. We had a lot of adventures together when we were younger and we were both broken is similar ways that made us natural friends and allies.

I was honestly smitten with her at first sight. We met at a local music club and had a lot of fun times together going to local music festivals, open mic nights, and hanging out at diners. Then, we just sort of drifted apart.

I tried to reach out but I got an “It was nice to know you” letter in return and I took the hint. Ha, I was actually pretty embarrassed at the time that I hadn’t realized she just wasn’t into our friendship anymore.

Still, I really miss her. That was all a long time ago, long enough that the person I miss certainly doesn’t exist anymore. She wouldn’t know me, either, anymore than I’d know her. I would never insert myself into her life at this point and I’m not entirely sure I would welcome her if she did so. I’m still a little offended she ghosted me if I’m being honest.

But I do mostly think back on our friendship fondly. When it comes to the people I used to know, she’s the one who most frequently ends up on my mind. She’s been in my mind a lot the last few days and I find myself stupidly wishing I could go back in time for a weekend and just enjoy the moments we used to have.

Some people seem to imprint on you forever. That can be a very mixed bag. Gods’ honest truth, I’d probably choose to forget her if I could. The good outweighed the bad, but maybe not by enough?”

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