15 People Share Their Stories About Things They Didn’t Want To Find Out


Have you ever learned something in your life that you really wish you never had? Maybe something about a friend or a family member that changed your opinion of them forever?

AskReddit users went on the record to share their personal stories about things they wish they’d never found out.

#1. No, Mom!

“My mom’s love for erotica romance novels.

We share the same Amazon account so I can see what she’s reading in kindle. She always says her favorite genre is “Biblical fiction.” but she’ll never say what book she’s reading, she just avoids the question. When we were kids she always read in her room or the book had a fabric cover on it, she always kept it secret. But on her kindle is only romance books.

Almost every single book has a shirtless guy on the front. Some of the titles have been: “Taming the Virgin” “Riding Her, The Fedsex Man.” The most recent one I’ve seen has been “Wrapped in my Wife.”

And here I was saying my mom was such a spiritual person that read her bible every day. But no! All she’s read for the past 45 years is books about shirtless men and threesomes.”

#2. Game changer

“That my mom was pregnant when she died.

And it wasn’t my dads. And she had plans to leave him (and me and my sister) and take just my little brother with her.”

#3. Ugghhh

“How many people my ex cheated on me with.

When I found out she was cheating, I assumed it was just one guy, an affair. Nope. Guys at her work, guys she met while out having drinks, guys we used to go to school with. Pretty much whoever gazed in her general direction and made a pass at her.

For some reason, knowing this made it so much worse to deal with at the time. It just felt like “Wow, you literally want to be with any other guy but me.”

#4. Oh no…

“What the backmassager my mom hid under her bed was REALLY used for when I was a kid. No wonder she rejected every request I made for a massage.”

#5. Tragic

“I didn’t find out my dad’s death was a suicide until years after the fact. Just not something I needed to know.”

#6. Oops

“That my (at the time teenage) aunt had sex in my bed when I was 6. I only found out while reflecting on it. I walked in on them because I forgot my pj’s.”

#7. Dear old Dad

“Parents divorced at 16 and i hated my mother for it because i thought it was her fault and she just stopped loving my dad. Found out differently at 30 and wish i hadn’t. Turned out he was banging every girl on every Air Force Base we lived on, including wives of his own best friends. The worst, though, was when i found out he slept with my babysitter when i was 5 multiple times.”

#8. Family ties

“That my uncle is in reality my dad. My dad did not know and is dead now my aunt knew and that explains why she hated my mom and me lol.”

#9. Can happen at any time

“The fact that a brain aneurysm can happen at any time to anyone. You can become severely hurt, become disabled or just die out of nowhere. Has become one of my biggest fears.”

#10. Didn’t happen that way

“That my dad and grandfather had their fingers crossed for a boy. They planned on naming me Thor.”

#11. WWII

“My grandfather banged a French woman when he found out that WWII ended and never found out that he had an illegitimate son until he was on his deathbed.”

#12. Secrets

“That my cousin, who “died of a heart attack” actually died of a cocaine overdose. Bumped into his death certificate while looking up relatives on Ancestry.com.”

#13. Unknown siblings

“I found three siblings that NO ONE in my family knew about except of course my Dad. I’m 41, the twins are 39, and my older brother is 43 I think. None of us have any desire to meet. So yeah, not knowing about them would’ve saved me a shit ton of heart ache, tears, and rage.”

#14. Didn’t need to know that

“My mom was super drunk one night and proceeded to list off every sexual partner by name while loudly counting them.


#15. Mother in law

“That MIL asked (then boyfriend) to break up with me. We are now happily married and I cant look her in the eye without getting angry

Also now knowing my dad was married one before my mom.”

Whoa man… now I kinda wish I hadn’t learned any of those things either. And I don’t even know these people!