People Reveal What They Refuse to Pay for Even Though Everyone Else Does

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Everyone has different ideas about what they want to do with their money. What seems convenient for one person may not be so great for someone else.

Some Redditors revealed that there are many things they REFUSE to pay for despite the fact that others gladly fork over their cash.

The original question is:

“What does everyone spend money on that you refuse to spend money on?”

Here are the answers some people gave. As always, some are a bit more common, while others are a bit more unconventional.

25. Expensive Kid’s Shoes

“Not everyone but I know there are people out there who do this kind of stuff.

Expensive shoes (I.e Jordan’s) for my 4 year old child (especially when he was even younger).

Kids feet grow so fast it is just pointless and expensive and they shouldn’t care about the brand.”


24. Lottery Tickets

“Lottery tickets.

A lot of people I work with buy them all the time.”


23. Lunch Every Day

“Daily lunches at work, mostly the reason is they don’t like to prepare it at home themselves.

Occasionally I treat myself, it stays special this way.”


22. Textbooks On Campus

“Buying textbooks from the school store.

They’re cheaper online to buy, and cheaper even still to rent.”


21. Food Delivery Services

“Food delivery services like Door Dash and Uber Eats.

I looked into it once or twice, and it’s ridiculous how expensive it is. And not just the delivery fee plus the driver tip, but the menu prices themselves are almost always higher on the app as well.

I’ll just get my ass in the car and drive to Chipotle myself, thanks.”


20. One-Time Coffee Pods

“Coffee pods or k-cups.

I only use the refillable kind.”


19. Bottled Water

“Bottled water. I live in Scotland where the tap water is drinkable and glorious but I still see people buy bottled water regularly.”


18. Alcohol—At Least in Some Places

“Alcohol in nightclubs/bars.

Extortionate where I’m from.”


17. Parking Fees

“Parking!! Absolutely fuck that. Owning a car is already a great expense in life. My friends hate me but I’ll park many blocks away from an event just to avoid the bill.

One that especially ticks me off is paid parking in emergency care parking lots.”


16. ATMs That Charge Extra Fees

“I refuse to take money out of an ATM that charges me.

I think it’s ridiculous that they charge you to take your own money out of your bank account.

It might sound stupid because it’s only like 99p they charge but I still think it’s unfair.”


15. Routine Car Maintenance

“Car maintenance.

Once my car was out of warranty I learned how to do everything- fluid, brakes, spark plugs, tire rotations.

It’s pretty easy stuff and Chris Fix on YouTube is an amazing teacher.”


14. Eyelash Extensions

“Lots of women at my work are spending $100s a month on these ridiculous eyelash extensions.

They look like giraffes.. really weird.”


13. Too Many Streaming Services

“Almost all of video streaming services at the same time.

I don’t need Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Prime Video if I can only watch one at a time.”


12. No-Ad Dating Apps

“Dating apps.

I’m okay with the ads… and the limits… also I’ve accepted that I’ll die old with my cats…”


11. Ice You Could’ve Made Yourself


I can make it myself.”


10. Car Leases or New Cars

“New cars/ car leases. My car is 10 years old and im gonna keep it for at least another 5 hopefully.”


9. Devices That Listen To You

“The “listening in” devices, the whole Alexa / Siri etc thing is creepy as hell to me.

Bad enough that my phone listens without me wanting it to. 😤.”


8. Early-Morning Vegetables

“Fresh vegetables and fruit from the market. There are several markets in my town and there’s pretty much one every day of the week at least. Usually, they’re crowded. I’ve never bought from them. Instead, I go at the time the market is closing down and the sellers are packing up. They throw away tons and tons of vegetables, fruit, aromatic herbs, nuts… That have been damaged or have gone bad. This means they’ll often throw out an entire case of fresh fruit because a few of them on top have gone bad. A lot of people go at that time and go through the cases and leave with bags full to the brim with produce.

My mother taught me to go, and I’ve also gone with friends. There’s a lot of old people who go because they’re not working at that time (I work from home so I’m free to go whenever), and a lot of them are friendly (some old people handed me fruit from a case they’re grabbed, or recommended recipes for produce I was picking up). I often go to the Arab market, and I’m North African, so oftentimes the sellers will specifically hand me stock they’re throwing away because of the sense of community. It’s actually a pretty cool weekend outing on top of filling my fridge with quality produce completely free of charge.”


7. Car Loans

“Car loans. Best self impoverishment program available.”


6. Recent Tech Upgrades

“Latest models of things. I.e. the newest iPhone, the latest model of a computer or other device, etc.

I don’t upgrade until it’s absolutely necessary. I’ll happily use a device for 2-3 years or more if possible. Frankly, if it’s not broken or so far out of date that it’s useless, why replace it? Just so you can say you have something better? Fuck that.”


5. Hair Cuts

“Ive been cutting my own hair since college, like 15 plus years of free hair cuts at like 1x a month, adds up.

Few years ago started doing my 7 year old sons too.”


4. Brand-New Clothes

“New clothing. 2nd hand only… (undergarments excluded).”


3. Disposable Utensils

“Paper napkins, paper plates and paper towels. For everyday use so they don’t have to wash things.

I don’t buy them and somehow I’ve managed.”


2. Politics!

“Political campaigns.

Public servants don’t need to fly private and have multiple houses.”


1. Diamonds

“Diamonds, their price is artificially inflated due to a monopoly.

In reality they’re not that rare or valuable.”


My, these are interesting answers! It’s obvious that people have different priorities when it comes to how they’ll spend their money. Are there any answers you found interesting?

Sound off in the comments, and let us know if there’s anything you prefer not to spend on.