People Share Crazy Things About America That Are Totally Unique to Our Country

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America is a great country…it’s also totally insane (especially right now) and it can be hard to explain to people who aren’t from here or have never been here before.

I guess every country has its own unique quirks, but the U.S. is so huge and diverse that it seems to be off the charts weird in some respects.

What’s the most American thing ever that if explained to a non-American might just sound crazy?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say…

1. Probably don’t see this anywhere else…

“There is a place a short drive from my house that is a firearms/military merchandise store in the front half of the building and in the back half, just down a short hallway, is a BBQ restaurant.

Its a magical place.”

2. Also known as a “heart attack on a plate.”


You have not lived if you have never had a chicken fried steak smothered in cream gravy with a roll and mashed potatoes and green beans and dammit now I’m hungry.”


“Warehouse type grocery stores (Costco, Super Saver).

My great-uncle from Australia would always take photos and my Korean (non-Seoul) friends thought this was crazy we’d have so much space for a grocery store.”

4. Secret societies.


Yeah so we just join brother/sisterhoods when we go off to college with secret rituals and traditions.”

5. But you’ll be happy!

“Advertisements for medication.

You’ve got happy people and stuff in the ad and then:”it may cause death”.

6. Doesn’t make much sense.

“I remember explaining to an Italian friend that in the US we can vote and own a gun and fight in a war at 18 but can’t buy a beer and he was completely at a loss for words.”

7. They’re missing out.

“Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, apparently.

I’m American, but I recently learned that much of the world finds PB and J to be an odd combination.”

8. Our hospital is the best!

“Hospitals buy ad space on billboards.

I’ve never left the country, but we must be the only country that has hospitals advertising like Burger King.”

9. This is very true.

“The best chicken joints in the hood usually have bulletproof glass.

From Detroit. Can confirm.”

10. You can do it all!


You can get a haircut, buy a gun and ammo with your groceries.”

11. Very confusing…

“It’s OK to walk around with a gun, but not a beer.

40 of the 50 states do not require any license to carry a firearm openly.”

12. All rise…

“Playing the national anthem at almost every event.”

13. A few things.

“Still weirded out about refills and sizes of drinks specific to soda.

The low bar to get a drivers license.

Traveling between major cities the distances are insane especially just feeling completely alone in the middle of nowhere”

14. An American tradition.

“Proms and Homecoming dances I don’t know if they are one and the same or how many there are. Americans make such a huge deal out of it that pass around awards for whoever is the prettiest/dances the best?

The whole thing just seems so bizarre and out of this world to a European that I have to ask if any of you can explain in detail why they are the way that they are lol.

We just organize with the teachers some “school parties” that are usually in big clubs once or twice a year and they turn a blind eye on alcohol because you guys are also really strict on alcohol until you’re 21.”

15. We do love football.

“When I was in Tennessee as an exchange student for a year, I was surprised by the team spirit of each High School.

Like how there was a football game every friday night and almost all of the school was there to cheer them on.

That would never happen in my country…”


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