People Share How They Answer the “What Is Your Biggest Weakness?” Job Interview Question

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It’s the most dreaded question during a job interview. Well, that, and “If you were an animal, what kind would you be?” I don’t know…a Golden Retriever?

But you better be prepared because you know it’s coming… “What is your biggest weakness?”

AskReddit users offered up their personal opinions.

1. You can do it!


Need to stop second guessing myself and realize that I’m good.”

2. A common one.

“Terrified at public speaking is usually the one I go with.

It’s fairly relatable but easy to brush off by saying I get past it through practice. It also has the benefit of being true.”

3. Time to move on.

“I usually approach it honestly.

I’m super hard on myself to the point that it can be counterproductive. So I typically don’t need a lot of coaching when I fuck up but I need to be reminded to move on.”

4. Be honest.

“Honest answer followed by how you’re improving.

I tend to procrastinate but I keep that at bay by sticking to a to do list etc.”

5. It might just work.

“This might only be applicable to someone newly out of college or applying for entry level jobs, but I had a professor tell me to say lack of experience. If you’re applying for an intro level job it’s expected, it’s a weakness that’s not really your fault, and you can spin it as a reason you should get the job.”

6. Never thought of that one.

“I’m terrible at interviews” got me my job.”

7. It worked!

“My answer to that question at the local ice cream parlor was “My biggest weakness is chocolate.”

I got the job. And a free scoop of chocolate ice cream every day I worked there.”

8. Got some laughs.

“The year is 2015 and I’m interviewing for my first job at an unnamed game studio. Im super nervous , I did the pre-interview tests and they liked them. And I get the question.

“I get really nervous and I talk a lot and ramble. Its pretty much word vomit until my brain catches up with my mouth until I catch up with what I just said , And most of the time I cant really remember the question…”

It got a lot of laughs in the room but I really couldn’t remember at the time what the director just asked me.”

9. Maybe omit the last one.

“I sing in the shower.

Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I’ll hit somebody with my car.”

10. Good idea.

“Hand them a quality business card that says “I over prepare.” “

11. I’m working on it…

“My usual go to is that I have had difficulty with taking criticisms personally, especially against me when in a leadership role. I then follow up with talking about how I’m working on it and feel I’ve improved as I’ve taken on roles with more responsibility.

It is an annoying question, but if you can find something to talk about honestly, and also explain how you are working to improve it, you’re golden.”

12. How’d that go over?

“I’m too humble.

Perhaps the most humble person on the planet.”

13. Elicits a chuckle.

“Poor penmanship and swearing too much are my go-to’s.

Hiring managers usually get a chuckle out of it.”

14. Maybe a little too neurotic?

“I was on an interview panel and one of the candidates said their biggest weakness was “I always need to know why I’m doing what I’m doing”. “

15. I have a strategy.

“Just had an interview. Was honest. Remembering peoples’ names.

I think most people can relate to that, too. And I mentioned that I have developed strategies to make sure it doesn’t get in the way. Got the job offer.”

16. I’m gonna use this next time.

“Honestly, interviews.

I’ve got a great work ethic, and am a petty quick learner but my interview skills are pretty lacking.”

17. Fast as lightning.

“I usually say that I’ve been told I work too quickly but I’m learning to strike a balance between working quickly and reducing errors.”

18. Problems with multi-tasking.

“I don’t do good work when I’m multitasking.

Since I know this about myself, when I am managing multiple projects at once, I allot time to concentrate on each separately.

Any manager that doesn’t have enough people skills or self-awareness to know that everyone is shitty at doing two high-level thinking tasks at once is not someone I want to work for.”

19. Trust issues.

“I always tell them that I am bad at delegating.

I prefer to do it myself so I know it gets done right and on time. That it is hard for me to trust other coworkers at first.

That answer seems to work so far.”

20. Use it to your advantage.

“My biggest weakness is also my biggest strength. My anxiety.

The fear consumes me. However, that same fear motivates me to do my best.”

21. Not a big fan.

“It’s a stupid question and I refuse to ask it.

It’s a poorly structured attempt to establish a person’s capability for learning and self reflection. A better way to phrase it would be something like “Tell me about the biggest mistake you have made at work. What happened, how did you resolve it, and what did you learn from it?” “

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been asked that question before…and I’m glad I haven’t. It seems like all it would generate would be BS anyway.

What do you think? Have you been asked this before during an interview? What did you say?

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