People Share Little-Known Facts That Could Save Lives

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that matter the most.

And sometimes those little things are facts that most people don’t know about that could end up saving their lives one day.

Hey, we only get one shot at this life thing, so we might as well soak up all the knowledge we can, especially when it comes to our health and well-being.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about little-known facts that could save lives.

1. Just in case.

“Take Benadryl to the forest with you.

The forest is full of life forms you do not usually come into contact with, in other words a treasure trove of allergies you didn’t know you had.

A hiker carrying Benadryl saved my brothers best friend after he stepped in a hornet’s nest with no known allergies.”

2. Am I being followed?

“If you think you’re being followed, take four lefts or four rights.

You went in a circle. If they are still behind you, you’re being followed.

Call 911.”

3. What’s that smell?

“If something stinks like fish or something similar around your room or around your house, check the outlets, most likely they are overheating.

Smell around the house and find the stench. If it goes unnoticed there will most likely be an electrical fire.

Almost happened to me, in the bathroom.”

4. That wouldn’t be good.

“If you see someone drowning give them something to grab onto.

If you get close to them they will instinctively grab onto you, endangering both of you.”

5. Hmmm…

“Essential oils have a high risk of causing seizures, organ failure, and death in children and pets.

So it’s best to just not use them around them at all.”

6. Know your location.

“Always know the address where you are at, especially if you are in a hotel or on vacation.

I work emergency services and the it can literally be the difference between life and death in some cases especially if you cannot stay on the phone!

Stay safe out there people!”

7. Wilderness survival.

“If you’re lost in the wild, don’t follow herbivores thinking they’ll show you to food while also not attacking you.

Herbivores WILL attack you if they feel threatened, and the difference between them and carnivores is that if you prove to a carnivore you’re not worth it then they’ll leave you alone, but if a herbivore attacks you, it means it’s downright angry at you.

Practically nothing you do will make it stop. Just don’t follow dangerous animals in general, whether they’re carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.”

8. In the water.

“If you fall into water with your pants on, you can use them as a makeshift life vest.

Kick off your shoes. Remove your pants (this is the hardest part). Tie the pant legs together with a square knot (two overhand knots). Place the knot behind your head. Grab the pant opening on both sides, lift it out of the water, then slap it down on the water surface. This will capture air in the pants.

Repeat until they inflate enough. Pinch the opening closed and hold it with one hand.”

9. Don’t eat!

“If your stomach ever gets stabbed/shot, you’ll get super hungry and the last thing you should do is eat.

When you eat, blood rushes to your stomach so eating when it’s been cut could lead you to bleed out.”

10. Follow the leader.

“If a service dog comes up to you without it’s human, follow it.

They are trained to find a person to bring back and assist if their owner needs assistance that’s out of their paws.”

11. I didn’t know that.

“You can die from carbon monoxide just by riding on or near the back of a boat.

Happens to people all the time.”

12. Interesting.

“This might seem like an obvious one but kids who wear darker colored coats/clothes are much more likely to be kidnapped.

The brighter your kids clothing the 1. Less likely it is that they’ll be kidnapped and 2. The more likely it is that the kidnapping event will be witnessed And therefore stopped or -at the very least- the investigation will start sooner, and you’re more likely to get a description of the kidnapper.

So basically, make your kids wear bright colors. Make them get bright winter coats and neon backpacks. Orange, Red, bright pink, and lime green are supposed to be the best colors.”

13. Sleep apnea.

“There are 22 million people in the U.S. right now who have sleep apnea, yet only 20% of them will seek treatment. If neglected, sleep apnea leads to memory loss, cognitive damage, chronic fatigue, and even heart attacks.

When we are awake, our throat muscles contract to keep the air passage in our throats open. However, when we sleep, our throat muscles relax, and if your throat is narrow enough, the sagging tissue can block your air passage. The most noticeable symptom of a blocked airway is SNORING.

If you snore, go to your ENT and ask for a sleep study, especially if you are overweight or over the age of 50, as these conditions dramatically increase your chances of having sleep apnea.

You’re probably wondering how sleep apnea can cause long term memory loss and heart attacks.

When your air passage closes, your brain goes into emergency mode to open your throat. Unfortunately, this also will yank you out of REM sleep. The lack of quality sleep over time can cause memory loss and fatigue. A different mechanism causes heart attacks.

When your air passage closes, your heart is suddenly forced to work harder to circulate the little oxygen left in your blood. This event can occur hundreds of times a night, and it is very stressful on your heart. Over time, this can trigger a heart attack.

Do yourself a favor and see your doctor about sleep apnea. By doing so, you’ll improve your memory, stop waking up exhausted, have a healthier heart, and you’ll won’t snore anymore.

The difference is night and day. I promise.”

14. Don’t say a word.

“If you’re ever in legal problems abroad, do nothing, say nothing and sign nothing until a diplomatic agent from your embassy or consulate is with you.

It may mean being stuck in a holding cell for days, but it’s better than what you can potentially get yourself in.”

How about you?

Do you know any facts that might help save a life?

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