People Share Naughty Life Advice That We Should All Know

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Hey, not all life advice is bright and cheery…and it’s not all naughty, either.

But there’s a lot of naughty stuff we need to know about in our lives, so this information will be useful.

Here are some words of naughty wisdom from folks on AskReddit. Let’s take a look.

1. For the ladies.

“If you struggle to orgasm as a female, have s*x with a full bladder.

It makes everything more sensitive inside.”

2. Two things.

“From experience: Wait. The first person I had s*x with hasn’t talked to me in 3 years, and for good reason: we were stupid sophomores in high school and we didn’t need s*x in our relationship. I’d recommend waiting for someone you trust, and sometime when both of you are ready for it.

From my brain: Wear a f*cking condom boys. Even if she says she prefers without it. There’s condoms out there designed to make s*x feel good for both of you, and help protect you both from STDs/unwanted pregnancy. Seriously. Wear a f*cking condom.”

3. Don’t watch too much.

“Cut back on watching porn.

I used to watch a lot of porn growing up and as I became s*xually active I found that I became increasingly insecure because I expected to be like the guys in the movies.

Not only that but I became desensitized to nudity and finding arousal in my partners became harder. I’d even lose steam and my erection in the middle of the act.

Which can make your partner feel undesirable and make you feel inadequate which only compounds the problem. It took a loving partner and dedication to overcome those barriers. It’s tough to cut porn altogether I know.

But cutting back and reducing how much you m*sturbate goes a long way.”

4. Good point.

“You do not owe ANYONE s*x.

I am still learning this, honestly. You don’t owe the girl all over you s*x. You don’t owe the man who bought you dinner s*x. You do not owe anyone s*x.”

5. Comfort.

“Always hold and comfort partner after s*x.

And I’m not talking about that weak sh*t of laying on your back and reaching for your phone while your SO lays on your shoulder, I’m talking about chilling together for a while longer after the fact.

This is especially true if you’re into really kinky and rough stuff, because the drop-off of adrenaline after can be real hard without the comforting of the other person.”

6. It’ll pay off!

“Learn how to dance.

People that can dance are people that can f*ck.

Rhythm and grace.”

7. Never a good idea.

“Never EVER stick your d*ck in crazy. Even if it’s a one night stand.

It’s gonna be a hell of a relationship if you’re hooked up.”

8. Lube talk.

“Vaseline is not lube, use water based l*be.

Avoid flavors if you’re not sure how your flora and fauna will react. I was at a s*x toy party like 10 years ago and our friend got smacked so hard after the presenter told us this.

Followed by a very high-pitched “I told You so!””

9. Going downtown.

“You should be going down on her, and if you’re not, you shouldn’t be expecting her to go down on you.

There’s also nothing hotter than when her legs lock you like a vice-grip and she grabs your head. Then afterwards tries to squirm away while you keep going.”

10. Open up.

“Best advice is what worked with a past partner might not work on the new one.

TALK TO EACH OTHER, and who knows you both might have a same fetish and just too scared to express. Be open and honest when it comes to s*x and it will be better. Not only will you explore each other but also learn more.”

11. Clear your head.

“Wank before a date.

It’ll help you think clearer during the date and not make some awkward comment because of some underlying horny.

Also you last longer if you end up having s*x.”

12. Do some research.

“If you feel inexperienced with s*x. Don’t be embarrassed to look up how to do things on the internet. Whether its taking off a girls bra, foreplay, or s*x positions, the internet is an incredible resource that can teach you anything you want to know and give your s*x game a huge boost.

And if you do look something up, DO NOT USE PORN AS A SOURCE OF INFORMATION. Nearly everything in porn is fake and it will not teach you anything. Learning s*x from porn is like learning how to be a cop by watching NCIS.”

13. Always wrap it up.

“If someone says you don’t need to use a condom, don’t have s*x with them.

Herpes can still be spread with condoms (just need genital area skin to skin contact while a sore is infectious), it’s not worth having even protected s*x with someone who is not practicing safe s*x.”

14. Very important.

“This is obvious probably but pee after s*x!

My friend was getting so many UTIs and couldn’t figure out why until I asked if she was peeing after s*x. Turns out she was going straight to bed.”

15. Here you go!

“Bidets are amazing, not just for basic cleaning, but for a go-to enema. The trick is to figure out the right angle and pressure, and push out as the water hits you as though you’re going poo (same tip for opening up your anus if you’re going to receive anal s*x, btw).

Turn off the water, hold it all in, and then push it out. It’s super helpful if you have BM issues or just want to feel extra clean. Be careful of being too aggressive with that water pressure though!

If you menstruate, please please PLEASE give menstrual cups a try! It might take you awhile to find one that fits correctly, and there is a learning curve for insertion and removal, but they can be incredibly comfortable and convenient! They also last a long time and reduce so much waste since you don’t have to go through pads/tampons.

Additionally, if you want to sanitize them, get those sanitizing bags for baby bottles. You just add a small amount of water and the cup, and microwave that bad boy. So much easier than boiling it in a pot of water. (Other options like period panties can also be great; menstrual cups have just worked the best for me.)

Baby wipes are not just for babies. They’re excellent as all-purpose wet-naps, plus they’re great for camping or even those nights when you’re too damn tired to take a full shower. Swipe one under your pits and through your bits, and you’re good for one more day!”

16. Be a good partner.

“Two part advice related to each other.

– Do not ever feel like you have to perform any s*xual act that you are uncomfortable with just because a person is pressuring you. If it’s an anxiety you feel comfortable working through with that person, that’s fine and requires lots of good communication, but do NOT budge if it’s something that you are against.

– More importantly, do NOT be a partner who pressures your significant other into a s*xual act that they are uncomfortable with!! If you want to communicate with them, find out why they are uncomfortable, and work through it together, then good, but do NOT PRESSURE SOMEONE.

Enthusiastic consent is key for s*x, whether it’s a one night stand or a long term monogamous/non-monogamous relationship. This advice goes regardless of the gender dynamic–I know men who’ve pressured women, women who’ve pressured men, same gender couples who go through this, etc. Don’t think that because “you’re different” you can’t fall into this! Be a good partner!”

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