People Share Secrets From Their Workplaces That They’re Not Supposed to Know

Sometimes at different jobs, there are just some things that you’re not supposed to know.

Whether you work at a restaurant or in a huge corporation, secrets are everywhere.

And sometimes, people find out about things that they’re really not supposed to…

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. That is ridiculous.

“Learned on a closing shift at one place I worked that if you can convince the higher ups that you smoke, you get a 10 minute paid smoke break every hour on top of your break.”

2. Whoa…

“Casino worker.

There are a disturbing amount of suicides that happen on property.

Almost none are reported to the public.”

3. Interesting…

“My old job’s security system’s passwords were the store numbers.

And all computers had the same passwords and login which was the stores name and store number.

I was told by my former boss that, it’s the same for every store so I technically have access to every store in the country.”

4. You know it all.

“Once instead of receiving my paycheck, I received a file containing every paycheck of everybody in the company.

Thus, I knew how much money everybody were making, what benefits they had, etc.

Including the CEO and high management.”

5. Office politics.

“Manager fired one of my coworkers (lets call him Billy) because her good friend, who works with Billy, didn’t like him.

It didn’t matter that he was never late, was dedicated, smart, hardworking, and didn’t gossip.

Manager also promoted her other friend (who was our billing person and previously worked retail) to HR manager. People’s insurance through the company started lapsing and vacation days were taken without warning.

Said people were not in the office those days when people had a full workdays’ worth of emails to show for it.”

6. What a d*ck.

“I work in education.

My former chairman allowed a female employee to embezzle money from the school. I found out and blew the whistle. I assumed the woman would be fired and the chair would be demoted.

Instead, the woman was asked to quit and given a package, and the chair stayed in his position because of his status as a coach. He proceeded to make my job very difficult for the next five years until he gave up the chairmanship to someone competent.

The woman was his work wife and mistress, who also used to be his student, at our school.”

7. That’s not good.

“My workplace is under investigation for the potentially negligent death of one of our residents.

I suspect that they actually have a case too.”

8. Theft.

“So I used to work for an NGO in a government funded program.

Shortly before I quit I found out that the higher ups were actually taking government funded money that was meant for our program and using it on their own non government funded programs.

So essentially they were stealing millions of dollars from the government!”

9. The old boss.

“Office supervisor- had f*ck buddies in the office. He would let them get away with murder in exchange for s*xual favors. He would always talk about how much he got paid compared to everyone else.

Never wanted to help anyone or give a sh*t.

The entire department is a complete sh*t show the good bunch of people who made the place decent either left or constantly got f*cked over.

Hard workers never got a thank you.”

10. That’s crazy.

“There’s a guy that clocks in for overtime every weekend and then drives home.

He’s making an extra 60 grand a year doing this.”

11. Terrible.

“My boss is s*xually harassing my colleague and there is nothing I can do about it.

She is afraid of losing her job and we don’t have any proof of misconduct to denounce him.”

12. Hard times.

“I work for a major car rental company that is now more than 15 billion dollars in debt, nobody will loan them money to replace it’s aging fleet and there is no hope of making that money back. The State of Florida is currently suing them over toll charges practices.

I have found this information by reading stock Market analysis, I know for a fact they are not clueing any of the local managers about it. The C-Level churn rate for this company is amazing.

I believe if we got OJ Simpson to do some commercials for us again it would boost our revenue.”

13. The truth.

“The boss makes a whole lot more money than he wants us to believe.

If you believe him he and his family are a hairs width from living under a bridge.

Nevermind the brand new 70″ smart TV for the office…”

14. Sounds dangerous.

“The guards at one of our sites aren’t armed because they’d have to pay more and it would be harder to hire qualified people.

They just had a shooting there.

Not surprised one person quit over it.”

15. Knows it all.

“I’m a nanny.

Short answer – everything. I hear all of the whispers you think I can’t hear from the next room. Your kids know/talk more than you think. Google fills in your search history when I’m ordering more diapers. I pull the receipts out of the dryer that fell out of your pants pockets. The iPad the kids use has the photo account linked across all of your devices.

I don’t snoop intentionally, but just as a byproduct of being in the home all day and working with a family so intimately I definitely know most/all of the family secrets.

Even the secrets that Mom-boss and Dad-boss may be keeping from each other. I just pretend not to know anything at all until I’m directly told. I would never tell these things to anyone, but make sure you really trust your nannies.

And/or have a non-disclosure clause in their contract.”

How about you?

What secrets do you know about where you work?

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