People Share Stories About the Worst Pain They’ve Ever Felt in Their Lives

Pain don’t hurt.

Those words of wisdom were uttered by none other than Patrick Swayze’s character Dalton in the classic film Road House.

But, judging by the painful stories you’re about to read from AskReddit users, Dalton might have been wrong about this one…

These stories are gonna make you say OUCH!

Take a look.


“Tooth abscess in the early days of the pandemic. I wasn’t able to see a dentist for five days.

Five days of the worst and most unrelenting pain I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t sleep or eat the entire time.

I was losing my mind by the end of it.”

Not fun.

“I had abdominal surgery (search RPLND) for cancer ten years ago. There is a scar that goes from my crotch to just below my sternum where they took all my guts out, extracted the tumors, and put my guts back in.

About eight hours after surgery, pumped full of drugs, I decided to go for a walk. I used the bed control to seat myself upright, used my IV dolly as support to get out of bed, then carefully, like a bent-over geriatric, shuffled my way to the door.

See, the trick was to support myself as much as possible with my lower back and keep my abdomen out of it. And it worked for a few steps until the vertigo hit me, I lurched forward, and tensed.

And then I felt my intestines settle, the hemispheres of my abdomen strain against the internal stitches, the two halves sort of float independently, and every layer of skin rip against the staples.

I basically got to feel a nice little sample of evisceration, and there was no amount of narcotic numbness that could stop pain that deep. Truly, I empathize with William Wallace. It wasn’t fun. So I puked blood (which didn’t feel nice), shuffled my way back to bed, and hit the drug button.”

Holy s**t.

“It was gas pain.

Started around 10:00p.m., couldn’t shake it. I tried everything. It just got worse and worse. I started having problems breathing. It was so damn painful. Every breath was like a stab wound internally. As a grown man, I was whimpering, and just debilitated.

Around 2:30a.m., my roommate brought me to the hospital – and I ended up passing gas literally outside of the hospital, and like that, I felt relief.

I’ve broken bones before and I’ve also had gas pain before – but this ONE time was the worst physical paint I’ve felt. Like my guts were twisting and someone was stabbing them with a hot knife.”


“An infection resulting from a tumor in the marrow of my jawbone split it open along its length like an overripe fruit.

It was approximately how it sounds.”


“Both of my ears got so infected when I was young that they ruptured simultaneously.

Bled out of both ears for two days.

That’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt.”

Non-stop pain.

“I had a migraine for over a month and it was hands down the worst pain of my life because every time I moved slightly I wasn’t able to move because it would throb so bad it would immobilize me.”


“Testicular torsion.

It is as painful as it sounds. Imagine someone kicking you directly in the balls. And continuing to kick you in the balls every other minute.

And if a doctor doesn’t perform surgery within a few hours, you lose your testicle.”


“Gout. In any joint.

I’ve had it in my ankle, big toe, knee and hand. I couldn’t put a first prize ribbon on any of them.

Absolutely awful condition that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”


“I’ve had my hand chopped with an axe, separated sternum, impacted wisdom tooth shatter, broken coccyx.

None are remotely close.

Cluster headaches will have you begging for d**th.”


“Ingrown toenail on my big toe in high school. Was really hoping it would fix itself and let it get worse and worse over quite some time.

Eventually went to the GP who said he had a great solution, showing me a piece of a BIC pen where he cut through one side, creating a C-shaped little tube, about half a centimeter long.

He grabbed my foot, held it near the nail and before I had registered what was about to happen he stated ‘someone’s gonna scream’, and jammed it on my toe, through the flesh. I was not able to sit still for an hour and had to keep moving around or the pain would be too overwhelming.

It helped and the toe healed, but never again.”


“Without a doubt- opioid withdrawal.

It’s absolutely fu**ing miserable and will leave you traumatized for the rest of your life.”

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