People Share the 14 Creepiest Stories They Ever Read Online

We all want to believe that we’re too brave and too sensible to be frightened by something as simple as reading a story, no matter how scary it might be. It’s just words on a page, after all, right?

Well, we might be as brave as they come, but if you’re going to read something that’s creeped out a bunch of folks on the internet, you might want to at least read it while the sun’s still up.

Or make sure someone else is home. Just in case.

14. Cult stuff is always creepy.

Probably the one from that one user who went to like a summer camp which turned out to be a cult.

He managed to escape but they followed him around everywhere, he then stated in another reddit post that the story was made up but it all was really weird.

I wonder what he did after that since he never posted again after asking how u delete posts, which was a bit odd

13. Alternate universe?

A story of a dude on a road trip with his brother.

They go into a Red Robyn late at night in a town they’ve never been before and everyone recognizes them. Like they just left the diner.

When they’re obviously confused, everyone acts like the OP is just messing with them.

12. An actual nightmare.

The one where a man gets a bad splinter that gets so bad his hand starts going numb.

He pulls it out only to find its not a splinter but a parasite that had buried into his hand, and it laid eggs.

11. Purple Mommy.

Purple mommy.

When my son was first learning to talk, he would tell us about something called “purple mommy”. It could be an imaginary friend, but these details are a little bit creepy.

Here’s a few of the purple mommy details.

Purple mommy is all purple with long hair and bright all white eyes(at the time he mixed up purple with black, so he could have meant she was all black).

Purple mommy picks him up at night, and turns off the lights. We would often find my son out of his crib in the morning, which would mean him crawling over the railing and to the ground, at a time when he was barely walking. Definitely found the lights in his room off a few times too, even though he’s terrified if the dark.

Purple mommy needs a bandage because she has blood everywhere.

Purple mommy has no smile, meaning a mouth.

Purple mommy can take her head off.

Purple mommy really doesn’t like daddy.

He told us all of this stuff for maybe a year or a little more. If we ever asked where she was, he’d always point to the same spot. A corner of the room behind his open closet door. He would also wake up crying almost every night during this time.

Once, during a really rough night, my wife went to ask him whats wrong, and his answer was “purple mommy wont let me sleep.”

10. A random detail.

There was a story where a friend had invited her friend over for a sleepover. Since it was a single bed, the friend had to sleep at the bottom of the floor beside the bed. The girl woke up in the middle of the night to find her friend standing at the doorway and calling her to go out and get Tandoori chicken to eat. When she refused, the friend yanked her hand and pulled away.

They went out of the house and the friend explained she didn’t want to get tandoori chicken. She instead pulled her out of her house because she saw a person underneath her bed when she woke up in the middle of the night.

9. Probably something worse.

 A woman was driving on road between maize fields at late night. Suddenly she spotted a body lying in the middle of the road.

She wanted to check but it was scary so she just drove past the body. After some xx metres she looked at her rear mirror and saw a group of people coming out of the maize field.

It was a trap. Maybe for robbery or something worse.

8. Careful who you let in your home.

After getting our coffee we sit down.

Me: So, what’s this story you have for me? You sounded pretty shaken up.

Lisa: Well, yesterday I was taking care of D and NS and D went down for her nap. When I walked by her room to check on her, she was singing, “Blood, blood from the baby, it’s okay he wanted to play. Blood blood from our mommy, that’s okay she died today.”

Me: *wide eyes* What… the f*ck?

Lisa: I KNOW. So, I sat her down and asked her where she learned that song and she said she learned it from her imaginary friend, Rupert. She said he talks to her sometimes and they sing together, mostly at night.

Me: That’s insane.

Lisa: I know, so I asked M about it and she said that D has been saying that for a while and that Rupert has been apparently trying to get her to get up in the middle of the night, go to NS’s room and get him out of the crib to be in her room.

Me: How long has this been going on?

Lisa: Ever since they brought the baby home. There’s no way she could have learned that unless someone told her. Her parents don’t watch anything that would trigger that and she’s very well sheltered.

Me: *After leaning back and thinking for a while* Wait… Oh f*ck.

Lisa: What?

Me: When they brought him home, did they buy new baby monitors?

Yes. That was it. We called the family and had them check it out. The monitors didn’t record, but they could move and also have audio output. They waited until night, then stood outside the daughter’s door until they heard a man talk over the monitors and start singing to her.

Immediately, they unplugged them and called the police, but there was nothing that they could do to trace the guy. I walked them through two-step authentication on Nest units after that and Rupert hasn’t come back. F*cking sickos, man.

7. Very bad things.

The original is an Iraq vet who was with his girlfriend driving through a desert highway. They see what appears to the aftereffect of a car crash; two vehicles. Twisted metal, the road has various bits of broken plastic and steel. There are bodies around, she wants to stop to see if they can help.

He does not stops here.

The scene is quite sanitary – where’s the blood and guts? He slowly drives around the bodies and continues on a bit and halts. Nothing. Then a couple of the bodies sit up. He hits the gas and races away.

It was a set up for… bad things.

6. That will stick with you.

It was a guy on I think legal advice whose wife had gone batsh** crazy and was stalking a woman she didn’t really know. It was a friend of a friend or a coworker or something. To the point she showed up at the venue of the ladies baby shower and was telling people she lied about who the baby’s father was

He had this long bullet point list of the crazy stalker things his wife was accused of when she finally arrested for stalking and harassing this woman. And in the end his question was how much is he personally liable for financially in all this. No plans to divorce or anything. Just can the courts force Him to pay restitution for his wife’s clear insanity?

5. I would have left, too.

There was a young girl (probably a toddler) who would tell her dad there’s a man in her closet. It would happen often at night until her dad got sick of it and went to the closet.

He pulled at the handle but the door opened a bit, then shut as if someone was pulling it shut from the other side.

He told the kid to get out of their room and close the door, and he opened the closet and there was a dude in there.

4. A glitch in the Matrix.

So I guess a little context is in order. My girlfriend and I had been together about a year at the time, never had big problems, we are both pretty relaxed people. Never have had a big fight, never had trust issues, the whole shenanigan.

So one day I was out in front of my apartment building smoking a cigarette, this was before we lived together. I had seen her the night before, had a nice dinner, gone out to a bar, then gone to my place, after which she took a taxi home. So as I’m standing out in front of my apartment building, she pulls up in a taxi. I wasn’t expecting her, and was pleasantly surprised to see her. I put out my cigarette, smiled and walked up saying something like “Hey, what are you doing here?” (in a very friendly way).

She scours at me, and slaps me square across the jaw. Obviously I’m dumbfounded, and at a loss for words so I just kind of looked at her. She never said anything, just barged past me into the building.

I followed her up to my apartment, asking her what was happening the whole way, she goes into my apartment, grabs her bag and some of her stuff she left there, throws a few things at me, breaking a glass or two and knocking down a bunch of stuff on a shelf. She calls me a pig, says she knows everything, and that I’ve broken her heart. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on obviously, and she stops on her way out when I touch her sleeve, glares at me again and slaps me. She tells me something like “I hope I never see you again” and walks out. I followed her to the street and she got in her cab, and drove off. The street was pretty empty, this was maybe 8-9am, and i watch her drive off. At this point I’m just lost for words, scared and sad.

Then, as I’m watching the cab drive away, someone hugs me around my waist from behind. I turn around, and its her, in running clothes (she was wearing heels and a leather jacket before), and I went completely pale. She said “hi” in her usual happy-go-lucky tone, then noticed my look and said “what’s wrong”.

I spun around, no taxi. It had literally driven away 5 seconds earlier, no way it could’ve turned in that time, and all the lights were red. I didn’t say anything to her, just ran upstairs. Her bag was gone, things were still broken, my door still wide open. So then I told her.

We were both monumentally confused, there’s no way I could have mixed her up with someone else, and she’s an only child. We had security check the cameras, and sure enough, Me following a girl to my apartment. The angles weren’t great, and the film wasn’t great quality, but it was pretty easy to see me and my face, but hers was always hard to make out looked a hell of a lot like her, but never a clear shot.

No way it was the same girl.

Still creeps me the f*ck out, and we don’t talk about it.

3. Goatman. Love the scifi twist.

I’ve not read it in years, but I was always spooked by the one in which a group of friends are hanging out together when suddenly they all get the feeling that someone else was had also been with them… except they can’t remember who.

2. Definitely a ghost.

I was in Vegas once sometime around 1996. Our cheap a** hotel room had a gap under the door, enough to get a few fingers through. I was somewhere around second grade and had brought a Batman action figure to keep me occupied. I ended up sticking him under the door a few times for whatever reason. As I pulled it back in a hand followed like it was trying to grab it. It moved around like it was feeling for the figurine and then pulled back

I threw the door open and there was no one there. No doors opening or closing, no elevators or fire escapes near us, not a god damn sound in that hallway. I still can’t figure out how anyone could have disappeared that quick. Even if they sprinted to the room across the hall and the door had been open,

I should have heard/seen them closing the door or something…

1. What if…

It pretty much said something like : “Do you ever hear a faint static noise when you’re lying in bed in complete silence ? If you listen closely, you may start hearing whispers. But when you can hear them is when they can start noticing you too.”

The story was really short and probably better written than that, but I had to sleep with videos or music playing as I fell asleep because the more I focused on silence the more I kept convincing myself I was hearing things xD

I would so not be ok if any of these had happened to me, y’all. Yikes.

What’s the scariest story you’ve read online? Share it with us in the comments!