People Share the Biggest Mistakes They’ve Made in Life so Far

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We all have regrets and we all have things we wish we would’ve done differently in our lives. Some are more extreme than others, but, as the saying goes, “That’s life.”

In this AskReddit article, people went on the record and shared the biggest mistakes they’ve made in life…so far…

1. That’s not good.

“I tried to walk across a guard rail and ended up slipping and hitting my gooch in just the right spot that it tore my urethra. Had a catheter for about 3 months after that.”

2. Never be whole again…

“On my 16 birthday my much older brother killed himself. My regret is that I had called him to ask him to come out with my friends and I to celebrate at a local restaurant. But on the first ring thought “He probably doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of 15-16 year olds” and hung up the phone. They found his body the next morning. I will never be whole again.”

3. Not happy with the choices.

“Choosing the wrong degree multiple times. A few years ago finally decided on Computer Science… and I fucking hate it. Only have like 8ish classes left so I would be stupid not to finish it but I have no desire to do anything computer science related.”

4. Debt for days.

“Quitting a job before I had another one (long story), which led to my savings being drained and my credit card debt soaring through the roof.

I’ve recovered about a year later, but my savings are basically non-existent as I spent all of my excess paying down debt.”

5. Still in therapy.

“Holding onto hate and resentment about my dad, has fucked up mentally. Instead of dealing with it in a healthy way, I’ve held onto the hate and resentment and have blamed him for everything wrong in my life. I’m in therapy now and trying to unlearn toxic behaviours.”

6. Just want to be functional.

“Tried to kill myself when I was 24. Did the whole inpatient thing and therapy. Now I’m 28, still living with my parents and struggling to win the battle with my mental health. Really frustrating. I just want to be a functional adult.”

7. That’s intense.

“Having a kid with wrong person. Really ends your life for the most part.”

8. A lot of people do this…

“Staying with someone for way too long because I thought I could help them.

I was 25 when I met her, she was broken and very needy. She had a lot of issues with herself, mainly she always felt insecure and inadequate. For those times when she was ok, everything was amazing and she was the best person to be around with. But those times were rare, she was jealous about anyone and everyone. I didn’t even hang around my friends anymore because she would make me feel guilty later on and she could never get along with them. I always thought I could help her, but only after everything fell apart did I realize that in my effort to always be there for her I broke myself.

We broke up 2 years ago, I’m now 33 and just starting to fix relationships that I’ve abandoned because I was too focused on her. I don’t blame her at all because that was my choice, but it’s been hard.”

9. Just let that go.

“Being scared of what people thought about me.”

10. You can quit!

“Starting to smoke.”

11. Now what?

“Being a floater. Meaning being friends with multiple friend groups in life without really being a solid part in any one. Left with none eventually.”

12. Still regret it.

“Probably dropping out of my dream college to be closer to my now ex.

Regret that decision every single day…”

13. Married to the wrong person.

“Getting married to the wrong person. It led to a lengthy divorce in which time my ex tanked me financially . It took me years to recover.”

14. This is very true.

“Losing friends because I didn’t put effort into maintaining the relationship. Nobody tells you when you’re a kid just how hard it is to make new friends once you’re past your college years.”

15. Say no to drugs.

“Took a very large dose of a research chemical thinking it’d be like acid, went clinically insane for like a year and require inpatient hospitalization. Took me two years after that to build my life up and have a career, but I was never totally the same. Such is life.”

Wow…some of those are pretty rough…

What do you think is the worst mistake you’ve made in your life so far?

Feel free to share with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you. No judgment here!