15 People Share the Craziest Excuses That Turned out to Be True

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The older you get, the more excuses you hear…and the more you’re able to fine-tune your bullsh*t detector.

But sometimes, you hear an outrageous story that actually turns out to be true. Your mind is blown and you reevaluate your judgment. It doesn’t happen that often, but it happens.

Like it did with these folks from AskReddit.

1. It was all true

“A student emailed me and said he missed the midterm because his car blew up. He sent a picture of him with the burnt car and police in the background and he looked just \*so\* defeated. The email went something like this:

“Dear professor,

I’m sorry for missing the midterm, and this is going to sound like an excuse , but my car blew up.

I’d really love a chance to re-write the midterm.

If not….well, sorry again.

I had bigger fish to fry”

I let him re-write the midterm lol.”

2. The Earth is shaking!

“Was playing an online game and had a party member say “f*ck gotta go, quake!”

Fortunately they were unhurt, because it was the horrendous Christchurch earthquake that IIRC killed dozens.”

3. Coma

“A guy we worked with didn’t turn up one day, we tried calling him and no answer.

After a few days me and a coworker went to his house, no answer at the door, his car wasn’t in his driveway.

After a couple of weeks we figure he has taken off somewhere and the boss put through his termination papers for not showing up.

About a month after that, the guy rocks up on a Monday morning in uniform ready to work.

Turns out he had been in a car accident and was in a coma for weeks.

He had no immediate family and no way to let us know.

He ended up getting his job back.”

4. Lion attack

“My friend came to class back in high school with a ripped uniform shirt and told us the lions got it.

As it turns out his mum was a vet for a zoo and had two cubs in her backyard. They saw his shirt flapping on the line and did what cats do: shredded it.”

5. Cops won’t let me

“A co-worker of mine said he couldn’t come into work because the police wouldn’t let him.

Everyone at work called bullshit and then he sent us a picture from his window of a SWAT sniper using his car to monitor another building in his complex.

Apparently there was a hostage situation.

Everyone ended up being safe!”

6. Peacock is to blame

“I was late to work once because a peacock was in the middle of the road.

Boss didn’t believe me until the next day when the peacock blocked the road when he was coming in.”

7. Bravo

“I’m a high school teacher. ~10 years ago I had a student say he didn’t do the homework because his car caught fire on his ride home, and his textbook was in the back seat.

I was suspicious, but he quickly produced the badly charred textbook, which was also completely waterlogged from when the fire department put out the fire, and asked me if I could issue him a new one.

It’s possible that he burned and soaked his textbook in an effort to getting out of doing the homework. If that was the case, bravo.”

8. No escape

“Someone was running late for something due to a traffic accident, and a road being closed.

So they tried an alternate route, and that was closed for a different incident. So they called, said that they’d try another way.

The third route was blocked for something else.

They called again, said they gave up and went back home.

Checked the news, and they weren’t making any of it up – there was no escape from their neighbourhood for awhile that day, several main roads were shut down for various reasons.”

9. Call the Coast Guard

“A friend told me he was late for tennis because he was stranded on a huge floaty unicorn on Lake Huron.

Turns out him and his girl rode out on the lake and couldn’t get back. He had to call me and the Coast Guard because the unicorn was too big to drag back, for reference it was 60 lbs not inflated or wet.”

10. Trapped by a swan

“Sorry mate a swan wouldn’t let me out the car”

Turns out it was true as he was on the phone to his mum screaming and she takes great joy telling us this story.”

11. Meth lab

” ‘My neighbors house blew up and the cops wont let anyone leave’.

Was an active meth lab and he couldn’t smell squat, apparently.”

12. Hostage

“Guy never showed up to work, and we couldn’t get hold of him of on the phone.

Turns out he had been trapped inside a bank during a robbery that became a hostage situation. Nobody hurt thankfully.”

13. WOW!

“Asking someone I knew to go to the bar and hearing “I cant I got stabbed” turned out to be true.

He sent me the video footage from the bar he was stabbed at.

Over a game of pool arguing over the rules.

The guy waited in bushes until bar close and stabbed him in the back.

Cops did get the guy and the victim was okay after the hospital.”

14. Hey, it happens

“An employee was late to work because she had to scrub down her car after her friend gave birth in it.

They were on their way to the hospital and didn’t get there fast enough.”

15. Up on the roof

“I’m gonna be late, there’s a naked crackhead on my roof. Waiting for police.”

“You can just say you’re running late, dude”

**sends picture message of a naked crackhead on his roof**

“Wow, there is a naked crackhead on your roof. Do what you gotta do, I’ll cover.”

So those are some pretty nutty excuses, right? Goodness gracious!

Ever hear an excuse you thought was complete BS, but it turned out to be true?

Let us know in the comments!