People Share the Extremely Unique Things They Have in Their Homes

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What’s the rarest thing you own?

I’m talking about something you have in your home that most people definitely don’t have in theirs…

It could be worth a lot of money, or maybe it’s something that is priceless only to you.

AskReddit users opened up and talked about the rare items they own.


1. He is missed.

“I got an autograph from Chef Anthony Bourdain.

His was just about the only celebrity death that had a real impact on me.”

2. Memories from my grandfather.

“I have a large storage container filled to the top with McDonald’s toys. Before my grandfather passed away he would go and get a coffee every morning and would get me a toy from there when he got a coffee.

I’ve kept them ever since. I can bring myself to part with them. I have full collections of the Monsters Inc toys, the Lilo and Stitch toys, Winnie the Pooh, Beanie Babies, etc. 90’s and early 2000’s toys. That man was a saint, and my hero.”

3. Talkin’ about money.

“An uncut currency sheet.

It is 50 1 dollar bills that were never cut when the came out of the US Mint.”

4. That is unique.

“8 different copies of the secret garden by Frances Burnett.

It is not my favorite book. I first recieved and read a copy of it when I was 9, so it is a very sentimental book for me.

I have so many copies because I enjoy collecting the more beautiful art styles that it gets published in. As a classic it gets republished very frequently so to prevent me from just buying way too many copies I re-read the book everytime I buy a new one.”

5. How did that happen?

“A balloon that was inflated a couple days before I was born. 17 years later and it has barely lost any air.”

6. Now, that’s old!

“An antique ship anchor from the year 1597.

Dredged up from The river Maas.

Its not a huge anchor from a full sized manowar or something. Those were the size of a house. I think this was from a fishing vessel or a small trade vessel for river trade here in the Netherlands.

Not found by me unfortunately but I bought it from the man who did. Found in the ’70s.

The date it was made is on the anchor. And the mark on it is a kind of “house mark” these marks were used by rich but not noble families, no cost of arms, to mark stuff that was theirs.

Around 60 kg but it’s a guess.

Height: 124 CM Width: 81 CM.”

7. That’s…different.

“A collection of human teeth stuck on a candle.”

8. A piece of history.

“A piece of the Berlin wall.

I have a chunk on my dresser. I got for my mom when we visited Germany last summer because she told me stories of when she lived there, touching the wall was a quick way to get shot. I wanted her to be able to touch the wall and not get shot, so I brought some wall home for her!”

9. Sounds like a classy dwelling.

“A neon sign that says Fuck.

And I’ve got a small version of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.”

10. That’s rare, indeed.

“A have a custom made Harry Potter wand.

I worked on the Fantastic Beasts 2 film (part of the Harry Potter Universe) and was gifted it by the  director and producer. It has my name on it too.”

11. Family heirloom.

“An opal ring that has been passed down in my family for generations.”

12. All kinds of stuff.

“I’ve probably got quite a few, I have a few rather large lumps of obsidian, an alligator’s head, some nearly 100 year old books too.

Two music boxes made to look like San Francisco cable cars, also got an Albert Einstein bobble head (like the ones from Night at the Museum 2).”

13. Gettin’ wild!

“My 80+ Hawaiian shirt collection.

Yea, I’m boring like that.”

14. Signed and all…

“I’ve got a book signed by Cornelius Vanderbilt. I bought it at a used book store for a dollar because it looked cool. Flipped through the first few pages and there it was! It is an inscription from him to his advisor, given as a gift.

Had it authenticated by a Vanderbilt expert (I lived near one of their mansions at the time, and there were several historical sites and museums there with people who knew more than I did)

So that was a fun find.”

15. House of horrors.

“The foot from a real human skeleton. Six human incisors. A mummified bobcat heart. An alligator skull. A muskdeer skull. A human shoulder blade.

A light-up, car-top “funeral” sign, like the one on Joe Bob Briggs fridge, a water buffalo skull, a Cthulhu glow in the dark bank.

I really, really like weird shit.”

16. I’d love to read those.

“Letters written by my great-great-grandfather to his wife in 1917, while he was POW in Russia as part of Austro-Hungarian army at the end of WWI.”

17. Snap into a Slim Jim!

“I have a Macho Man Randy Savage head that was used as a Slim Jim display down at work.

We got an extra one and I asked for it so now he just sits at my desk arms folded staring menacingly, holding pens in the part the Slim Jim would go.”

18. Very strange…

“I have about 1,500 empty perfume bottles.

My girlfriend collects them. I get anxiety walking past them.”

19. This has to be one-of-a-kind.

“A copy of the Quran signed by porn star Ron Jeremy.

I call it the Quran Jeremy.”

20. It still works?!?!

“A working ipod from 2004.”

I’d like to get my hands on some of those items!

How about you?

What do you have in your home that is really rare?

Please share with us in the comments!