People Share the Good Habits That You Should Get Into in Your Twenties

Words of wisdom sure are great, aren’t they?

The only hard part is getting younger folks to actually listen to you when you try to give them advice about how their life might be a little easier once they get a little bit older.

But, you have to admit, you probably weren’t listening to many folks who were older than you when you were in your twenties because you already knew everything, right? Sure…we all did…and I’d like to go back and confront my 25-year-old self and smack him about a few things, if we’re being honest.

What should people do in their twenties do to avoid regrets later on?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about that.

1. A good tip.

“No unprotected *x.

One side of my family learned this the hard way. The kids are just terrible as well. Just for your own sake, absolutely no unprotected s*x.

Unless you just so happen to have roughly 40,000 dollars just floating around and genuinely think you’re ready.”

2. Go see the world.

“Travel, live abroad.

I was traveling around taking odd jobs between 23-28 and had a blast and had great memories with ppl from all over.

If I die tomorrow I can rest assure I had a hell of a ride back in the days.”

3. Get outside.

“Find and maintain hobbies that makes you active outdoors!

Nothing soothes the soul like being in nature!”

4. Do it while you’re young.

“If you yearn for adventure, go now.

You are young, your body is strong, and your obligations are few. Go now.

It’s so much easier to drop everything in your life for a 6-month hiking trip and then slide back into regular life when you’re 25 than when you’re 35.”

5. Interesting.

“If a job pays good money but it doesn’t fulfill you, STAY THERE!!!

I’m 50 and I’ve left good paying jobs because I wanted something better or more “fulfilling”, only to find it was never there. So I’ve jumped from job to job pursuing that “kick *ss” job. Instead I should have invested more time and effort into the decent jobs I had and built up a better portfolio.

All jobs will suck or parts of those jobs will suck. If you can pay your bills and take care of your family then it’s worth putting up with some BS.”

6. Keep working on it.

“Find a skill-based activity that you can work on and improve at over time.

Piano, calligraphy, jiu-jitsu, golf, whatever.

It’s good for humans to have something they are constantly working on improving.”

7. A good idea.

“Take care of your mental health, see a psychiatrist and a therapist if you need to.

Don’t be afraid of the stigma.”

8. You’re gonna need ’em!

“Take good care of your teeth.

Two adages to remember:

“Brush your teeth in the morning to keep your friends. Brush your teeth at night to keep your teeth.”


“If you ignore your teeth, they’ll go away.””

9. Avoid the big ones.

“You will make mistakes. Don’t let that hold you back.

Just try to avoid the big ones (I.e. things that will land you in jail, marrying for the wrong reasons, having kids with a dumb*ss).”

10. Put yourself out there.

“Date, date, DATE!

I have some friends who are in their late 20’s and its a struggle to have them try to meet people. Not saying its pivotal to date, but its good to know how work with other people who’ve been in relationships.

And recovering from a breakup seems like a good life experience prior to 30.”

11. Words of wisdom.

“Learn what kinds of problems you like to solve and build a career around that. Don’t build a career around tasks. There’s always going to be things you don’t like to do. If you’re solving a big problem the crappy tasks are easier to endure.

Learn good work ethic and develop good habits: be clean, show up on time, be rested, etc.”

12. Own it.

“Don’t blame things that are out of your control before you’ve taken care of things that are under your control.

As an example, if you are obese but also don’t eat right, don’t exercise, don’t get good sleep, smoke, and drink too much alcohol, then don’t blame genetics for your obesity.

After you’ve taken care of those other things, if you are still obese, then you can talk about your genetics.”

13. Do it your way.

“Don’t live your life by the subtle pressures and expectations of family and society.

I lived my life way too long doing what other people told me was right. Women don’t get an education unless it’s to meet a husband, have your babies before your 30, build your life around your family, always do what your elders tell you to.

Now I’m a closeted 36 year old divorced single mother who’s husband left her for someone younger and more pliable, with no education, no friends and a family who looks down on me because I am CLEARLY built wrong.

Live your life on YOUR terms. Take into account the advice of those who have more experience, but ultimately it’s your life and your choice.”

14. I like all of this!

“Life is short.

When you’re 20, it feels like 40 is really far off (after all, that’s twice as long as you’ve lived). It’s not. It’s right around the corner and even then, you’re only half way thru your life.

Take care of your body. You’re tough now, but all that abuse will catch up with you.

Drama is a success killer. If anyone (ANYONE!!) has a habit of starting drama, drop them from your life now. No one is so important that they are worth being dragged down into that pit.

Live off of less than 80% of your take-home pay if possible. Take 10% of that, drop it into savings and another 10% and put it in investments.

Have a plan. Doesn’t matter what the plan is and it doesn’t matter if it changes, but make a plan. Don’t just go through life day-to-day aimlessly doing what feels good in the moment. Decide what you want and go get it.

You will stumble (some people will call it failure) but as long as you keep moving forward, you’re in better shape than most.

Eat twice as many vegetables as you are now. I know you think you’re eating enough, but you’re not. And drink some water, for hydro’s sake!”

How about you?

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