People Share the “Most Generation X” Things They Ever Did


Ahhhh, the people of Generation X. We had good music, good movies, good TV shows, etc. But good taste? Well…

Hey, Gen X includes me, so I’m allowed to laugh and mock it all I want.

A Twitter user threw out this question and the Twitter-verse went all aflutter with great responses.

Take a look at some of the best responses.

1. The Singles soundtrack was definitely a landmark.

2. Ouch…I have a feeling you’re not alone.

3. The classic yin-yang tattoo strikes again.

4. Hit the road and be like the Beats.

5. $3? Pssshhh. I’ll catch ’em next time they come through.

6. Hahahahaha. Still completely over EVERYTHING.

7. You had to improvise, that’s for sure.

8. Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

9. Why did CDs used to come in those HUGE boxes?

10. Listen, it’s too mainstream, bro.

11. Saturday morning TV was the best!

12. The great milk crate craze of ’94.

Growing up as a Gen X’er was a glorious time! So much great music and pop culture. And also those weird little quirks that define every generation.

Some more than others…

Share your favorite Generation X memories in the comments!