People Share the Most Supernatural Experiences They’ve Ever Had

Have you ever seen a ghost before?

I can’t say that I have, but I’m certainly not discounting other peoples’ experiences…maybe my time just hasn’t come yet…

But there’s no doubt that TONS of folks out there have had experiences with the supernatural. So here are some hair-raising stories that might cause you to look under your bed tonight before you go to sleep…

Let’s get all freaky-deaky with folks on AskReddit!

1. Dad.

“My dad died two years ago, my brother was at his house down the street.

My children and I were laying on my bed talking about all the great times with my dad when the back door opened and closed. I crept down the hall to see who came in, and my brother called while I was in the hall.

He said “It’s over” and I said What, and he said “Get over here.” Dad came to tell us he had passed. I have no doubt.

For the next month I would catch a whiff of his cigarettes or his cologne especially when I was having a hard time. I’m sure he was just making sure I would get through the tough time.”

2. Needed a sign.

“When my Uncle died some years ago now my Aunt at the time was struggling bad, they had just had a child (he passed from a motorbike accident).

My Aunt told me she was begging and pleading for a sign from him and a transformer on the power line outside her bedroom window blew in a shower of sparks and noise.

Most likely a huge coincidence, but that is how he would make his presence known, I would think.”

3. What happened?

“One night I was driving from North Dakota to Nebraska and I was passing through a section of South Dakota that sits between the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations.

I was in the absolute middle of no where, no lights for miles, perfectly clear winter sky, amazing stars, and all of the sudden a meteor burns up in the sky above turning the entire sky green for a few seconds. I stopped and just thought about how lucky I was to see that.

As I keep driving I come up to a small town where the only intersection is a four way stop in the middle of town. I assumed it was a ghost town because there no lights of any kind. But as I came to stop my carlights lit up the area around me and people were just walking around in the dark, acting like it was normal.

It’s the middle of the night, maybe 10 or 20 degrees max. Needless to say I didn’t stop again until I got to town with street lamps.

I think those areas are a little more wild, or spiritual. Wounded Knee was near there, and that part of the U.S. had terrible atrocities commuted against the natives. I think it left it’s mark on that place.”

4. The old house.

“My house was built in the mid 1800s as a farm stead, and over the last 20 years that my family has occupied it, we’ve made various renovations to it.

One thing we discovered while gutting the last unrenovated room in the house was that some of the struts and paneling was charred; as if there had been a particularly bad fire in that room.

Later on, my brother told me that he had seen a pair of feet that looked burnt running through the house late at night a few years ago. I was incredulous, and ready to disbelieve him, when I realized that I had experienced something similar a long time ago.

When I was a child around Christmas time, I decided to see if I could stay up and hide at the top of the stairs to catch a glimpse of Santa. At around 1 am, after I knew everyone was asleep, I crept to the staircase to see a pair of dark feet walk from the kitchen to the living room, in front of the bottom of the steps. My parents were definitely asleep, so I had assumed it was Santa and excitedly went to bed.

Now, I’m not so sure it was, but rather something more in line with what my brother saw some years later.”

5. Down south.

“I live in a small village in Louisiana.

Most women I know have had supernatural experiences of varying degrees. My Mawmaw (mom’s mom) saw a ghost boy in her family home. My great-aunt (Mawmaw’s sister) heard God’s voice at a cemetery, warning her to stay in her car. My mom heard the disembodied voice of a little girl giggling and yelling “Mama!” in Mawmaw’s family home.

Those are all pretty par for the course. Could easily be explained away by them mishearing things, or having a brief hallucination. For me, it was a little more substantial.

I have crazy vivid dreams. The kind that have so much detail in them, that my more superstitious friends and family believe they aren’t dreams at all. Just glimpses into potential past lives. However, they’ve always just been dreams to me. Sure, they were realistic in ways they shouldn’t have been, but dream science is weird. Then, when I was 12, I had a dream that came true.

Like I said earlier, I live in Louisiana. We have lots of storms, especially in the spring and summer. One day, in that weird week when it’s too warm to be spring but not humid enough to be summer, there was a huge thunderstorm. I fell asleep on the couch listening to it.

I dreamed that a tornado happened near Mawmaw’s family home. The tornado wrecked her rose bushes, tore down her willow tree, and ripped off shingles in a specific part of the roof. The next thing I know, my mom is standing over me and rushing me to get dressed. She says Mawmaw’s house was hit by a tornado. We drive to her place, and the yard looks exactly like it did in my dream.

Same wrecked rose bushes, same torn up willow tree, and in the exact spot in my dream, missing shingles. I told Mom and Mawmaw what I had dreamed, and that’s when they told me about the weird things that happened to the women in our family.”

6. On the tube.

“On vacation in London, riding the tube with my dad, I’m about 12-14 years old.

A woman in her 30s kept looking at me and after 5 or 10 minutes I look directly in her eyes and say in my head: Can you read my mind?

She smiles and nods.

I keep looking at her until we reach our station. She stays in the train when we leave and nothing has happened ever since.

Everytime I’ve experienced something that could be categorized as supernatural, there’s been an explanation. But this one still hangs on in my mind and I’m 31 now.”

7. Suddenly gone.

“A co-worker of mine passed suddenly, less than a year ago. Young, less than 40 years old, and had a son maybe 3 years older than my oldest. Used to babysit him when I had days off/after I resigned.

We worked very well together, kind of like how one has a “work spouse”, nothing at all romantic we just always got along great. Anyway less than a week after he died, he came to me in my dreams, telling me he’s ok, and his son is in good hands (he had recently been divorced).

He told me not to worry, and he’s very much at peace. I gave him a big bear hug, as we sometimes did when we knew we wouldn’t see each other (for instance, after I resigned). I woke up crying. I still smelled his aftershave when I woke up.

My heart still aches for his family’s loss, however, him telling me he’s at peace, takes some weight off my shoulders; and while I miss him, I know that he’d be pissed off if I started worrying again.

I feel better when I think about him now, because (while I’m not religious or anything, or really believe in an afterlife), I know that he’s ok.”

8. Gazing at the sky.

“As a countr boy who lived in an area with almost no light pollution, I had been sky gazing almost every day in my life.

I’ve seen falling stars, comets, knew many different kind of planes. But once while i was driving, i saw something fly that was too bright and behaved different then any flying object i could comprehend because it wasn’t flying in a straight line. I was so shocked that i stopped the car in the middle of the road to get out and have a better look, to make sure i wasn’t imagining it.

It was flying in weird ways that defied my knowledge of physics. Very fast and then suddenly stopped midair. Drones were not invented/sold yet back then, and it was obvious it was something that was flying much higher. Then it suddenly disappeared, and i got in my car somewhat scared by what i saw.

I told my family but off course nobody really would believed it unless you saw it for yourself.”

9. Freaky.

“In high school I was sitting in a friend’s living room; first time ever in this house.

I could describe every room in the house, floor plans, unused pool table in the basement against a wall, piled with boxes.

Freaky feeling.”

10. Haunted house.

“My parents house is straight out haunted. I remember growing up and things go missing or breaking or hearing someone with a limp walk on down the stairs. I always knew the house was haunted, there where times when the for mentioned foot steps on the stairs would manifest.

Honestly it wasn’t too much but there would be times when I would walk downstairs at night to get something to drink or something. Some nights there was a mist on a part of the stairs it would scare me to walk through it but other than that you couldn’t feel it.

It wasn’t cold or anything. I remember one night, it only happened once , when going down stairs one night the ghost started going down the stairs when I was going back up. That’s when I saw two foot prints depress into the carpet on the landing craziest thing I ever saw at the time.

Fast forward to now I had to move back in with my parents because covid’s a b*tch. Anyway I haven’t heard anything on the stairs.Things are still going missing or breaking, to be honest I always thought it was my two older brothers covering for each other or being *ssholes as older bothers can be, but the other day it stole one of my shoes.

I’m getting ready to go get some cigarettes go to put my shoes and only had one. I always take my shoes off at the same place every day and it wasn’t there. After about 10 min of searching to no avail I grab another pair and leave. I was alone.

Everyone else was out of the house. I get back and my other shoe was on the coffee table. It wasn’t there when I left for the store. This kind of thing is a constant thing in this house and you get used to it but it is really annoying.”

11. Chills.

“When I was 15, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this strange spotlight appear on my wall. It was a circle made up of a bunch of bright circular dots within it.

It came on strong, then rotated 90 degrees and then turned off. It was so surreal because the light was extremely bright and yet it was also focused on that one spot on my wall.

When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t get the image out of my head, but I just assumed I must have dreamed it. My sister and I were talking over breakfast, and she said “I had this dream last night my entire room suddenly lit up with these circular dots floating around my room.”

I got really excited “That actually happened! I woke up and saw it too!”

My sister froze, “How is that possible? My blinds are completely shut….””

Chills. to. this. day.

12. In the woods.

“I was spending the night at a friend’s house who had a lot of woods on his land. We were probably 14-15 or so. We set up a tent back in the woods maybe a 30-minute walk from his house. We hung out in the tent listening to music on a boombox and bullsh*tting, smoking cigarettes like true rebels, standard teenager sh*t.

As the sun was going down, we decided we didn’t really want to spend the night in the woods and started walking back towards his house. There was still enough light to walk, but it was kind of a hassle.

As we were walking and talking, we both went silent mid-sentence. We just starting walking quietly for a little bit. Then I say to my buddy, “You feel that?”, and he says back “Yeah, what is that man?” and we’re both looking around. I have this hair raising feeling like something hostile is watching, but don’t hear anything.

We start walking just a little bit faster, as there’s still a little ways to go. We both have this feeling of dread, and out of nowhere we both f*cking stop and end up back to back looking around. My fight-or-flight response is dialed up to 11, and my brain has chosen “fight”. My friend yells, “SOMETHING IS OUT THERE. IT’S COMING.”

My whole body is tensed up and ready to explode. I’m ready to grab and f*cking rip apart the next thing that moves in front of me with every fibre of my being. It was such a surreal feeling, like a wild animal wearing my skin. I let out this panicked battle cry because my brain is 100% convinced that I’m about to fight to the death with whatever is in the woods. As soon as I do we hear something start tearing through the woods away from us, going back the way we came.

We both start sprinting through the woods at full throttle. Just running directly through small trees and branches. Neither of us stops until we’re inside his house and the back door is closed. We both ran so hard that we almost passed out, it took us a while to catch our breath. We have no idea what it was in the woods.”

13. The blond boy.

“When I was between the ages of 4-6, I used to see a little blond boy through this mirrored armoire in my parents bedroom.

The armoire was big and wooden, but had mirrored accents and mirrors running all the way around the base. If I laid on the carpet in front of it and looked into the mirrors on the bottom, sometimes I’d see a little blond boy in a red sweater in the corner of the room, far away and a little distorted but still very clear.

He would sit with his back to me, looking out the windows to the backyard. I don’t remember ever seeing his face.

I don’t think I saw him many times but I do remember his image very clearly. In my little kid mind I thought I invented this super neat mirror trick by myself, so I tried to get my parents to see it too. They always refused and my mom especially would get super mad at me for asking.

I stopped seeing the boy when I stopped playing in their bedroom as much and knew mirrors shouldn’t work like that. When I got older I chalked it up to my overactive kid brain. Didn’t think much of it TBH.

Years and YEARS later, when I was an adult and long after my parents had sold that house, my mom asked me about the armoire out of the blue then told me that she used to see the little boy too.

Not in the mirrors but sometimes just out the corners of her eyes (like she’d be cooking and catch a glimpse of blond hair pass by her hips, at a kid’s height) and occasionally in dreams.

It didn’t happen too often but just enough to deeply freak them out. So when I mentioned seeing the same little boy, my mom was just terrified herself.

There were other strange stuff in that house but this was 100% the most vivid I remember.”

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

If so, what happened?

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