People Share the Movies They’d Want to See Retold From a Different Character’s Perspective

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I’ve definitely pondered this question before: what are some movies I like that would be really interesting if they were told from the perspective of another character?

The possibilities are endless, really!

Have you ever thought about this? Well, read through this article and think about which flicks you’d like to see remade in this fashion.

Let’s see how AskReddit users responded.

1. I’d watch that.

“King Kong from King Kong’s perspective.

Bonus points if there are subtitles for his roars.”

2. A great movie.

“Hot Fuzz but from the perspective of the neighbourhood watch.

I just finished it literally 5 minutes ago and holy shit that would be so fun. A lot more middle-age jokes.”

3. That would be interesting.

“500 Days of Summer, from Summer’s perspective.”

4. It might get dark.

“Mean Girls, as told by Regina George.

This could also go dark. Her home life was obviously messed up. What was growing up in that household like? Imagine Regina flashbacks!”

5. Don’t say that!

“Top Gun from Iceman’s perspective.

Maverick’s the asshole in that movie.”

6. Oh man…

“Willy Wonka from the point of view of an oompa-loompa who is working to ignite a slave rebellion amongst his people.”

7. Jenny, why don’t you love me?

“Forrest Gump from Jenny’s perspective.

That would be so depressing.”

8. Trusty sidekick.

“Ferris Bueller but Cameron.

“Shit! Now he wants to steal my dad’s car! Why am I friends with this guy?””

9. A different movie.

“It’s a Wonderful Life from Mary (the wife)’s point of view.

Married to a dreamer with fits of depression, while raising 4 kids, rebuilding a beautiful old Victoria house, helping him make his dream passion of helping his community come true and trying to protect him from his loser uncle, all while watching him spiral into a deeper and deeper depression.

Will she be able to help him out of it?”

10. The living dead.

“I really need Weekend At Bernie’s from Bernie’s POV.

He’s not actually dead yet, just in a near death paralysis. And these assholes just keep dressing him up instead of taking him to a hospital.”

11. Those poor folks.

“Titanic, anyone in the poor section.

There is a novel about it called SOS and it’s amazing.”

12. Chilling.

“There is a hilarious recut of the Mrs Doubtfire trailer that sells the movie as the harrowing tale of a divorced wife and her new boyfriend being stalked by an obsessive cross dressing ex husband.


13. That would be cool.

“I’ll say Robin Hood from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s perspective.

It’d be great to watch a movie about a medieval cop trying to catch a highway man.”

14. Two good ideas.

“The Godfather from Fredo’s POV. I feel bad for him being seen as the weak and unintelligent brother. Basically everyone’s door mat, the way Michael spoke to him really bothered me.

Also Rocky IV from Ivan Drago’s POV. I love what they did to his character in Creed 2. He actually had character unlike in Rocky IV where he was this cartoonish over the top Russian villain.

I want to see a younger Ivan, the relationship between him and his wife. How his son Viktor grew up.’

15. Let’s try this one out.

“Toy Story.

Andy, a young boy who enjoys playing with his toys in his spare time, often wanders into him room to find things…off. Something may have moved, a toy may have vanished only to reappear the next day, voices are heard from his room from the ground floor only to hear a slight panic then silence whenever he approaches the room again.

And imagine, one day, if he heard this talking once again only to walk into his room, hear the split second SHOCK to silence just to see his favourite, cowboy toy laying on the floor. Only this time, just before he laid his eyes on the toy, he could see in the corner of his eye the left hand of Woody just slightly flop to the ground. Flop to the ground as if he just fell. But, how could a toy fall if it was laying on the ground to begin with?

That’s if, it was laying on the ground the whole time. He begins to think that he is never truly alone in his room anymore and those beady toy eyes that face him in the night while he’s sleeping arent just facing him out of chance.

They’re watching him. They’re looking. Andy isn’t alone.

Nor was he ever alone.

This is the tale of a boy who loses his mind at the thought that he has never been alone for his entire life and that the ‘friends’ he made growing up may be a little more real than he first thought.

A little too real.”

Definitely some food for thought in those answers…

How about you?

What movies would you like to see remade from a different character’s perspective?

Talk to us about it in the comments!