People Share the Mysteries, Urban Legends, or Conspiracy Theories They Want to Know the Truth Behind

I’m a sucker for all kinds of mysteries, urban legends, and conspiracy theories.

Even if I don’t really believe in a particular story, I still think they’re fascinating to read about…and there are a ton of them out there to dive into.

What unsolved mysteries would you like to know the truth behind?

Let’s get weird with some folks on AskReddit.

1. Suddenly gone.

“I wanna know what happened to Louis Le Prince, the true inventor of the film camera.

Boarded a train but never left it.

No body found.”

2. What really happened?

“I would want to learn the truth around the Mothman and what people were seeing in the days leading up to the bridge collapse.”

3. D.B. Cooper.

“Assuming he died (are we allowed to learn two truths about one mystery?), where did most of D.B. Cooper’s ransom money end up after he jumped from that airplane?

I believe the FBI lets you keep it if you find it, as long as you give them a chance to analyze it for latent prints/DNA first.

Those bills must be worth a fortune to a collector. Even if they aren’t, I’ll still get tens of thousands of dollars in cash. Who doesn’t want that?

So, I get my name in the papers for finding Cooper’s money, and I get a nice chunk of change to keep. A double-whammy of good fortune.”

4. Who wrote it?

“Who wrote the Voynich Manuscript and why? And why was it written encoded or in an unknown language?

I like learning about weird mysteries in history and this is one that remains unsolved to this day despite quite extensive research through the centuries.”

5. Unsolved.

“There is this famous case in France where a bourgeois family was killed, except the father who disappeared.

He is of course the prime suspect, as the events they have reconstructed suggest he got the oldest son back home himself to kill him after the other family members has already been murdered. He buried them all under the terrace and they weren’t found right away, so he got a “head start” so to say.

It’s been years and no one knows what happened to him. There have been plenty of sightings, all over the country, but he looks very average and forgetable. A few years back, they thought they got him on a flight in (from?) Scotland, and didn’t show his picture until a few days later… and everyone who knows about the case wondered wtf was the police thinking, because the man who was arrested looks nothing like him.

Anyway, I’d like to know what happened to him and if he really did it. I have little doubt he did, but he went to such length to cover his tracks, sending letters to family members saying he and his family were relocating under witness protection in the US, or suggesting he was involved in a big case and couldn’t disclose his location etc…

Some people even believed the people buried in his yard were not his real family but morgue corpses with elements of DNA to link it to the family so they could escape/fake their death.

Netflix did an episode on it in their remastered Unsolved Mysteries (Season 1) if you want to know more about the case, it’s really interesting.”

6. Rabbit holes.

“So many rabbit holes to go down.

What did they find in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947

Who killed Jon Benet Ramsey?

Who was the Zodiac Killer?

What happened to Walter Collins?

Who killed the Black Dahlia?

Where or what happened to Flight 370?”

7. A true crime mystery.

“The Jon Benet Ramsey one just sits on my brain sometimes!

She was born the same year as my little brother so when she died it was so hard to not be caught up in it.

It really bugs me that we still don’t have a definitive answer of who did it.”

8. A bunch of them.

“There are so many that I wonder about.

Did the British intentionally let the Germans sink the Lusitania to bring the US into WW1?

Did FDR have advance warning of Pearl Harbor, but did nothing?

What really happened to Hitler’s remains after he killed himself?

What really happened to the Edmund Fitzgerald to cause her to sink?

What caused the Moorgate Crash?

But probably above all else, the one I always wonder about:

What happened to that kid I witnessed being kidnapped when I was 7, and my parents forbade me from talking to the police about?”

9. Fascinating.

“The Zodiac Killer.

Not just his identity. His psychology, his motives, his planning, his affiliations.

I want every detail of that sh*t.”

10. Very strange…

“The Max Headroom signal 1987.

I want to know…

Some people who worked in the television industry at that time have said that it was impossible for an outsider to pull it off.

It had to have been done by someone who was knowledgeable about TV signals and had access to all the equipment, which wasn’t publicly available in 1987.”

11. A scary one.

“The disappearance of Lars Mittank in 2014. Read about it somewhere years ago and it still bothers me sometimes.

I try to sum it up: German tourist is on vacation in Croatia, gets into a little bar fight over soccer, gets injured on his ear. Doctor tells him not to fly until fully recovered, friends leave without him after he insists, that he’ll be fine without them.

He checks in into a hotel and suddenly shows serious signs of Paranoia and one day later he calls his mother, whispering that he is being followed by four men, that are trying to kill him. After some time, he can finally fly back and enters the airport, seemingly “back to normal”. This is covered by the airport cameras.

He even talks with someone inside the airport like everything’s normal. He then leaves the camera angle for a second with all of his luggage in his hand and just seconds later he runs full speed out of the airport, leaving his luggage behind just like that. In front of the airport he stands there shortly like he is looking for something, then he continues to run in a specific direction, clips over a decently high fence and disappears in a sunflower field and is never seen again, nor is his body.

The most realistic scenario is that he had some kind of concussion or brain damage from the hit that injured his ear, but his friends described him as perfectly normal after the incident. There are so many things weird and not fitting in this case.

Most of the media coverage is in German unfortunately but if you’re really interested I am sure you’ll find a more detailed article or video about it in English.”

What unsolved mysteries would you like to know the truth about?

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