People Share the Secrets They’re Proud of You but That They Haven’t Told Anyone

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Some things are just better left unsaid…for one reason or another.

I’m specifically talking about things that you can be proud of but at the same time you don’t want to tell people about it or you can’t tell people about it.

Maybe you have a secret that you haven’t shared with the people in your life…?

Here are some interesting personal stories from folks on AskReddit.

1. Helping others.

“I’m in college, and I just published a book of short essays with my class. My name was under a pseudonym because I didn’t want my family to read my story—I opened up a lot about my messy family history, as well as the domestic and sexual abuse I faced growing up.

I hope I touched someone’s life out there.”

2. No more addiction.

“I stopped with an addiction by myself that i had for a long time, but no one knows about my ex addiction so im alone in this.”

3. Good luck to you!

“I’m pregnant again. we lost our triplets in January and I was terrified it was going to be as hard to get pregnant again as it was to get the first one but it looks like this one might be easier and the pregnancy so far is 100% better.

We have our first ultrasound on Monday and I’m excited to hear their heartbeat.”

4. Overcoming the odds.

“Autism and bipolar are not even the worst of my mental illnesses yet I still have been able to have a respectable career and have good friends, and despite not being able to function properly on my own, I have moved out of my families house, live in arguably the nicest area of my city and have at least tried to be normal.”

5. Quite a story.

“I provided the sperm for my sister and her wife’s two children. The kids are happy and healthy with parents that love them.

My sister and her wife asked me not to tell anyone in our family for now which I am fine with. I’m just happy and so proud to be part of their lives.”

6. Keep working on it!

“I’m REALLY fat, BMI 37ish at the time, but I ran 12 miles a couple of years ago, surprising myself after I had only ever run 6. It totally changed how I saw myself, and I’m prouder of that than anything in my life.

But it turns out nobody really cares, and it’s very braggy to ever bring it up with friends or acquaintances.”

7. Hopefully we can all see them someday.

“I’m an illustrator (not professional, but hopefully someday) and I love creating characters. Right now I have a couple characters I’ve been developing for years now and they almost seem real to me.

I’ve worked so hard on these characters that they’re like my children and I love them but nobody has ever seen them. Anyway I’m just really proud of them and I hope I can do something with them someday.”

8. Good work!

“I’ve been 100% nicotine free since January 3rd, 2020 after being addicted since I was 16.

Most people, including family, didn’t know about it in the first place.”

9. No more bullying.

“I’ve overcome bullying without anyone’s help, I was bullied at school from 10 to 16 years old, I told the teacher about it and obviously they were fucking useless and instead of trying to help they would tell me to ignore, and even had the nerve to say that one day it would end ( It did, bc eventually I moved out to high school, but that doesn’t mean that the emotional damage disappeared too).

I was bullied the whole time even while having classes and the teachers didn’t give af, some of them actually seemed to like seeing me being bullied but anyways, the bullying only stopped once I moved to high school and even tho I was very emotionally and mentally damaged, I made myself see this change of environment as a new chapter of my life were I could start from the beginning.

I didn’t want to go there w my chin down, I told myself that I am worthy of love and I can’t let my past ruin this new opportunity to make friends, obviously I still have a lot of traumas bc of the bullying but I couldn’t show weakness bc it affects how people perceived me and it makes it more difficult to make friends.

I have severe depression due to the bullying and other issues in my life but I can at least say that I was strong enough to go through high school and university without letting my past ruin my ability to show my qualities and making friends :-)”

10. Get on your feet.

“I helped and supported a sex worker and helped her get on her feet and sober.

I also helped her to start making her own content online and now she’s stable and killing the game.”

11. Leaving a bad situation.

“I’m severing all ties with my “family” (if that’s what you can even call them) and moving to the other side of the country to live my own life. I’m going to change my name, my number, and delete all social media.

They’re abusive, manipulative, toxic, and disgusting people. I’m so fucking proud of myself and I’m just waiting for school to end in 4 weeks and I’m outta here!!”

12. Fell for a girl.

“I was closeted and in denial for most of my life, forced myself to like guys, and as a result I have a lot of trouble feeling anything for people romantically. But pretty recently I fell for this girl.

This is the first time I can really pinpoint completely natural development of romantic feelings for someone, especially another woman. I was starting to worry I’d never feel something lol. But I’m really happy, I’ve come a long way.

Unfortunately I can’t gush about her because I’m stuck at home with my parents who I’m not out to.”

13. You wrote a book. That’s huge.

“I wrote a book based on a writing prompt (not on this account) but my family and friends think my writing sucks so they would laugh at me if I told them.”

14. Turning it around.

“I am a senior in college and I stopped taking running seriously at the end of February because that was the end of indoor track and my teamates really let me down in my relays and then my track season was canceled. I spent all last month drinking, smoking and hooking up with random women to get over that.

After my state had a shelter in place order, I started running a lot more. I am on day 5 of running since my season ended on feb 23rd. I hope to find a half marathon or 5k in the next weeks that will open up so I have something to look forward to.”

Do any of these situations look familiar to you?

Have you had to keep a secret that you’re proud of for one reason or another?

If so, please tell us about it in the comments. We’d love to hear your story!