People Share the Things They Think Get a Lot of Unnecessary Hate

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I’m gonna go on the record here: I LIKE GUY FIERI.

I think he’s super nice, super positive, he obviously loves what he does, and he does a lot of good work for charities.

I think his TV show is good, too.

So why all the hate?

Some things and people just get hated on. It’s a fact of life.

AskReddit users weighed in what they think gets a totally unnecessary amount of hate.

1. Don’t hate on it.


Most of the videos are made by kids or teens. Let’s admit it, most of us would be making TikToks too if it had existed when we were 13. Instead, we had marquees and wacky-colored cursors on MySpace.

Those kids are doing the cringy shit we did, they just do it on video.”

2. I wish I did it!


Sure it’s intense compared to your average gym session, and without doubt there are a handful of shitty coaches out there, but it’s a great social activity, teaches people to move well (yes, yes, there are shitty coaches) and understand the mechanics of their body.”

3. It’s very popular…


It’s just another genre of music but in a different language, yeah fans can be cringy but pretty much fans of anything can be cringy, and kpop groups tend to get even more hate than western artists just for being asian, even though most kpop idols are less or even not problematic at all.”

4. Not your business.

“Not wanting or liking kids. If it’s none of your business, spend your energy on something positive rather than useless judgement.

It is a little frustrating how many people’s responses to a post about lessening your judgement… is to judge and complain.

You know you guys are proving my point, right? Like super explicitly. I hope it’s helpful to readers of the thread.”

5. Thank you!

“Guy Fieri.

He seems like a genuinely good person.

In 2017 and 2018 he cooked for thousands of victims and first responders affected by the California wildfires.”

6. She’s just a kid.

“Billy Eilish.

People who talk shit on her are literally talking shit on a kid. Do you have nothing better to do? I get you don’t like her music, I don’t necessarily favor her music either but that’s no reason to attack her personally.”

7. Look into it.


Yeah there are a lot of vegan idiots you hear about, but you don’t hear about all of the vegans with completely normal lives. Veganism is simply food without chicken, cow, pig, fish, eggs, or dairy.

You can find protein and vitamins from other sources. But some people go extreme with either raw vegan, fruitarian, low carb, etc.”

8. This one is very weird.

“Greta Thunberg.

People hate her with a passion and it’s ridiculous.

A girl with a lot of foresight: “We should save the planet, make a future for our young”

Some asshole: “I wish you were dead, little girl”

I genuinely don’t understand that train of thought.”

9. Unions.

“Labor Unions.

Since the vast majority of people are working stiffs that would benefit so much from being in a union, it’s amazing that they’re unpopular at all.

Groups of worker who essentially band together so they’re able to bargain for a more fair share of the profits their labor produces. Throw in some great health insurance for you and the family and a pension so you can retire in dignity.

Seriously, what’s not to like?”

10. Furry alert!


Like, yeah, sexualizing anthros are weird and like mmmmmake me uncomfortable. But children who role play as warrior cats? Neuro divergent teens who find comfort in it?

Yeah, I think spending thousands of dollars on a fur suit is silly, but their out here living their best live sooooo. Cringe culture is all about making fun of children (well mostly adults who are into kid things) but like why??

Their life doesn’t affect you in any way???”

11. Good point.


Feminism is female equality. I feel like we all agree that women should be legally allowed to vote and given constitutional rights. So why hate on feminism?

Bunch of right wing propaganda masquerading as memes about fringe wackos who want men to donate their paychecks or some stupid shit. You can’t achieve equality by reversing injustice.

Those people aren’t feminists, they’re angry assholes.”

12. Politics as usual.

“The other political party:

I’m just being honest. Due to the structure of algorithms and confirmation bias, people on both sides are fed straw-man arguments of the people that are different from them.”

13. Live and let live.


Not “smoking”. I think that smoking receives the appropriate amount of hate. Smoking sucks. Smokers get a lot of shit though, just for having an unhealthy vice. I’m not trying to throw stones though, I have a few unhealthy vices myself.

I have a friend who got irritated when some second hand smoke wafted past them in a movie theater parking lot. The lot was behind the theater, the smoker was far way from all the exits and not anywhere near a high traffic walking area.

My friend said “Ugh, gross. Isn’t that so inconsiderate?” I said “…no, man. This guy is like…as far away from people as he can reasonably be, and the wind just happened to carry a little of the smoke the 40 feet between you two.

Where do you want this guy to go to have his smoke, Mars?”. My friend was then annoyed with me.”

14. Capitalism.


I want to be rewarded for working hard. If I’m not incentivized to work hard, I’m not going to. I’m not a billionaire. I’m not a millionaire. I don’t hate poor people. I don’t like Trump or Bloomberg. I think our healthcare, education, and housing is fucked and should be socialized.

I just think it’s stupid how much reddit hates capitalism. The world is a cruel place. People are assholes. Life isn’t fair. The government can’t create a system to change that.

Socialism only works if people love their jobs and never want more in life.

If someone told me that no matter how hard I worked, I would never be able to attain X because things are supposed to be equal, I would either say fuck you and go and attain X because I can, or I would be spiteful and do 0 work and actively look for opportunities to fuck the government.”

15. To serve and protect.


Yes, we need to reform how police forces are trained and be able to hold them accountable for their actions. But the broad sweeping generalizations that people make about how all cops are horrible and you’re afraid you are going to get shot when a cop pulls you over for a tail light is ridiculous and makes for an unproductive conversation.

I do honestly believe there are good cops out there and there are people who go into the job wanting to serve their community even though it is a high stress job.”

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